15 Amazing Fairy Gardens and Houses

When I was 12, I begged my parents for a doll house.  Not the Barbie kind or the ones that came ready to play, I wanted a build-it-yourself, apply each shingle individually, wire the place for electric lights and furnish it with itty bitty miniature furniture kind of dollhouse.  And thanks to that special kind of begging reserved for a tween girl’s dad, I got one for Christmas.  I loved every minute I spent building and furnishing that house, and I still adore that  tiny perfection found in miniatures.  The fairy garden and fairy house trend is a fun way to keep my fascination with miniatures alive, and create some whimsy around my outdoor decor.

 15 Fairy Gardens and Fairy Houses to make your display amazing.  | Carla Schauer Designs

I’ve curated a collection of fun fairy gardens and fairy houses that were posted on Hometalk, and gathered them together so they were easy to view in one place.  Whether they were made completely from scratch or using some premade accessories, these ideas will jump start your creative juices and have you making tiny houses, ponds, and benches in no time.

That fairy house in the very center is made by yours truly, from a plain unfinished wood birdhouse.  Find out how I created all the tiny details including the balcony below and a tiny wind chime In my DIY Fairy House Tutorial. 

DIY Fairy House Balcony. Make your own fairy house using this tutorial. | Carla Schauer Designs
DIY Fairy House Balcony. | Carla Schauer Designs


See the entire collection of fairy gardens and fairy houses along with links to the how-to posts from their creators on Hometalk, and check out some of the other posts while you’re there.  It’s a great community for finding ideas, or sharing your own!  You can also follow Carla Schauer Designs on Hometalk as well.

Whether you’re making fairy worlds for children or for your own inner child, you’ll love having one of these tiny gardens at your own home!

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