A peek behind the scenes


I finally got my CHA photos downloaded from my camera and once again I barely remembered I brought it along with me.  It never fails, I take a few photos on the first day, and the camera spends the rest of the weekend in my show bag.    I snagged this video from Adrienne’s blog.    At least one of us was on the ball, recording the silliness that happens behind the scenes at the Prima booth.

Here are a few shots I actually took before the camera went into the bag:

Chicago skyline as I was driving in on Tuesday.

Denny finishing up the last-minute details.  Love the duct tape!

Sharon, Cari, and me, just before the show started.

My favorite of the new releases.  Those flowers on the top row are called “Lollipops”, and I love them.   They’re fun, bright, and funky, and totally my style.    The card in the photo is mine as well, from one of the marathon sample-making nights in the hotel before the show.

Not even one photo taken after the bagpipers strolled by.    No shots of dinners with friends.    No shots of the wonderful products I saw around the show floor.    No recorded memories of colors and patterns and textures,  designer events, or doodads that caught my eye.    Pathetic.    My only excuse?    I was having too much fun!    Oh well, there’s always January!

Until next time…

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  1. nikimeiners says:

    I did not even bring my camera this time. Never ever makes it out of the bag. So I thought why bother?

  2. Carla, you look hot! Ah, I kinda miss CHA. I had an opportunity to go, but vacation got in the way. Maybe next year!