All is quiet.

Which is nothing short of a miracle around here.

Kids 1 & 2 are at Grandma’s and Kid 3 is still sleeping.  He has been a horrible sleeper this week, and it shows in his attitude.  I’m not sure if he misses his big brother and sister, or if he’s just out of sorts, but he’s been a screaming, sobbing, puddle of 2 year old this week.  My wonderful neighbor has offered to take him along to the park with her and her kids today, so I’m looking forward to a block of peace this morning.  He’ll return just in time for (keep your fingers crossed!) naptime.

Though I’d love to just sit and laze around sipping my morning coffee on the patio and watching the finches on my daisies, the summer CHA show is coming all too quickly.  So this quiet morning is dedicated to crafting.  I have many projects to make, and little time to make them.  I’m definitely not known for my speedy nature, so I need to take every available moment I can get.  A million ideas are swirling around in my head.  With any luck, they’ll sort themselves nicely in my brain and decide for themselves which projects they belong to.

Here’s hoping my fingers and my brain communicate well today, and the mojo fairy makes her appearance on schedule!

And to entice that mojo fairy to arrive today, here’s a reminder of a previous visit.

Have a fantastic day!
Until next time…

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