At the Country Living Fair

Last weekend I was lucky enough to meet the fabulous Creative Goddess, Vicki O’Dell, at the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio.  I always like to meet designer friends outside of the trade shows, but it doesn’t happen very often.   Since we have the luxury of working from home, or studios in our own cities, designers are really spread across the world.  Columbus is close to midway between Vicki’s house and mine, so the location of the fair worked well.

While my style can’t rightly be called “Country”, there was inspiration to see everywhere I looked. 

The displays were the first things I noticed.  Everything from the Country Living decorations, like the pumpkin cart above, to the individual booths of handcrafted wares were displayed perfectly to catch the eye.

I never would have thought to mix up a sleigh, an old mirror, and a bunch of white pumpkins together, but it works in a cool and unexpected way.  I was inspired to think about mixing more unexpected elements together in my own work and my own home to create some unique focal points.

And speaking of unexpected, this quirky, fantastic lemonade stand was right at the front entrance. Had it not been 55 degrees, the stand alone would have sold me a cup.  The details are amazing!  Embroidered art on the wall, patterned awning poles in galvanized buckets, silhouettes and topiaries… So much fun to look at!

There are more photos coming soon, with some trends I saw at the Fair, some great people making awesome things, and some tidbits of crafty stuff I bought to turn into my own projects.

Until then…

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