At this time next week…

I will have arrived in Anaheim, finished or not.

That thought gives me a curious feeling in the pit of my stomach.  It’s a strange mixture of relief and full-fledged panic.   It never fails, the week (or two!) immediately before the CHA show I spend scrambling to finish everything on my list and create enough projects to fill my Designer Showcase table.   Usually, I cross off the last item around 4am the morning before my flight leaves.    Who needs sleep anyway!

As of now, I’m still in creation frenzy mode.   For some reason panic stirs my creative juices and I get a flood of wonderful ideas all at once.    Then I scramble like crazy to get them all done.  Right now there are three partially finished projects on my desk alone.   Yes, I finished all my term papers, including my masters thesis the night before they were due.   What can I say, I thrive on deadlines!

Here is one project that will be displayed on my Showcase table next Saturday and Sunday.  This one is completely digital, created in PSE.


If you are headed to CHA, feel free to stop by table #25!

Stay tuned…I’ll be sharing a few more peeks of my table over the next week, and on Monday I’ll be posting my project for the Green Gallery Display.   I can honestly say it is my favorite project ever!

Until next time…

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  1. Sleep, who needs it. You can sleep on the plane!

  2. Tish Treadaway says:

    I agree, sleep is over rated. Wishing you the best at CHA!!!!