CHA 2011-show highlights

As usual, January was a blur in Carla-world.  And as usual, I find myself in the first week of February a bit discombobulated, kind of like a rudely awakened Rip VanWinkle (only without the refreshing sleep!).   While I’ve been buried up to my eyebrows in work getting ready to exhibit at the Craft and Hobby Association’s winter 2011 show, every bit of my crazy prep work came together at the last minute and was completely worth it.

CHA 2011 bagpipes
CHA opening bagpipe parade (photo by Jen Goode)

The show started with it’s traditional bagpipe opening parade, and in Jen’s photo you can see the sign for the ultra-fabulous Aisle 5000.  I was lucky to be surrounded by great people showing fantastic art-  Laura Kelly, Lindsay Ostrom, Julie Balzer, Debra Valencia, Amy Moglia, Joanne Fink, and of course my booth buddy Jen Goode, each of whom I owe many thanks.  From moral support to portfolio advice to cuban food, each of them was more than willing to share.

booth #5043 (photo from Jen Goode)

I only had my phone camera handy most of the time, so I didn’t take many photos and had to borrow this photo from Jen also.  This photo was taken at the end of the first day, and we are beat!  I love the way the booth turned out, though I will never again cover booth walls with paper.  It took us HOURS to get it all covered around those dratted metal frames.  Only one of the many things I learned from this show, but it’s a big one!

Jen Cushman, award-winning designer

I also wanted to give a big shout out to my (other) friend Jen, who won the “Most Innovative Designer” award for one of her projects at the show.  I can’t think of a better way to describe her and her work.  Check out Jen Cushman’s blog for more details about her project, and her website to find out about her new book “Explore, Create, Resinate” featuring Ice Resin, which debuted at the show and is filled with tons of info and fantastic projects.

While I still like the Anaheim location better than downtown LA, there were still some great little gems to be explored.  I’ll post about those soon!

Until next time…

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