Cinnamon Stick Christmas Ornament

Make a Christmas ornament with cinnamon sticks. Tutorial from Carla Schauer Designs.
Make a Christmas ornament with cinnamon sticks

Despite my best plans for the holidays, I’m always running short on time. Quick crafts are perfect for this time of year, when spirit is plentiful but spare time is not.  Today I’m sharing an easy Christmas ornament made from cinnamon sticks and sheet music that you can make in just a few minutes.

Make a Cinnamon stick ornament using sheet music, paint and ribon. Tutorial from Carla Schauer Designs.
Gather supplies for creating ornament.

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In addition to the basic scissors or trimmer for cutting, glue, and a small paintbrush, you’ll need:

Use old music to create a Christmas ornament. Tutorial from
Age music paper using chalk ink.

Paint edges and back of wood base using acrylic paint.  Cut sheet music to 4×4″ and glue to front of base, trimming excess with scissors.  Use the chalk ink to age the edges of the music paper.

Tip: I found this fun old Ukelele version of Jingle Bells along with a bunch of other old sheet music at a flea market.  If you don’t happen to have old music paper, you can use brown kraft paper or any patterned paper you have handy.

Glittered sheet music as Christmas ornament base. From cinnamon stick ornament tutorial at
Brush glitter paint onto sheet music.

As far as I’m concerned, there is no such thing as too much holiday sparkle.  I brushed a layer of glitter paint over the music to add sparkle and act as a sealer for the paper.

Christmas ornament made with sheet music and cinnamon sticks. Tutorial from Carla Schauer Designs.
Add ribbon and cinnamon sticks to ornament.

Next, glue your ribbon vertically in the center of your ornament base, leaving at least 1″ unglued on the top and bottom.  Glue cinnamon sticks horizontally over the ribbon.

Cinnamon stick ornament tutorial from Carla Schauer Designs.
Tie bow around cinnamon sticks.

Wrap bottom length of ribbon up around cinnamon sticks and tie in a bow at the top to make a “gift”.  Use a few dots of glue to secure the ribbon.

Ornament made with cinnamon sticks and sheet music from
Hang ornament with twine.

Punch two holes as shown at the top of the ornament and tie twine through holes for hanging.

Sheet music and cinnamon stick ornament. Tutorial from
Finished cinnamon stick ornament.

A little rustic and a little sparkly, in less than 15 minutes.  Can’t beat that with a (cinnamon) stick!

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  1. I’m so in love with this! Really charming. You’ve nailed the theme of the season done in a repurposed, elegant way. Pinned!