Coloring with Ink–Tag Tuesday

Recoloring craft embellishments with ink is generally quick and easy.  I recolor my embellishments all the time.  Sometimes I’ve used up my supply of one color, and sometimes the embellishment I want to use isn’t made in the color I need.   In a previous Tag Tuesday I showed some magnet tags colored with dye.  But when I’m in a hurry or just have a small piece or two to color, I reach for my ink.

Mixed media tag colored with ink, by carla schauer

The leaves in this mixed-media tag are made from white air-dry clay colored using chalk ink.  I simply pressed the ink pad onto the dried clay and smoothed the ink into the creases using my fingers.  The threads of bakers’ twine were left over from the dye project I linked earlier, but I often use an ink pad to color light ribbon, cotton twine and thread.

The shimmery green on the chipboard swirl is an accent ink product called “Smooch”, made by Clearsnap.  It’s a nifty ink in a bottle with a spongy applicator tip that allows for painting directly on a surface.  I used “Lime” for the green swirl, and blended “Taffy” and “Sassy Pink” on the wood veneer dragonfly wings.

Ink works on all kinds of surfaces, just make sure to match the type of ink to the surface that needs colored.  It’s an easy way to custom match embellishments to a project!

I’m glad to be back after being out of town for a family medical emergency, followed by a whirlwind trip to NYC to exhibit at SURTEX (more details coming soon).  It’s been a crazy few weeks!

Until next time…

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