Coloring with Watercolor Pencils-Tag Tuesday

Watercolor pencils are the highlight of today’s Tag Tuesday, adding color to a stamped image in a unique way.

Coloring Stamped images with watercolor pencils

When I was little, I loved to open up my little plastic rectangle case filled with a neat row of oval paint colors, but before long all those pretty ovals of color were all mixed up into a purplish brown mess.  My left brain hated making pictures with that mud puddle of color.

Using watercolor pencils is an easy way of adding color, without the mess.  Simply color with the pencils (in this case, the spaces in the stamped image), and use a water dampened paintbrush to swirl the color for a watercolor effect.

These two photos of the image were taken before and after I used the damp paintbrush.

Adding color to stamped images using watercolor pencilsSuch a big difference after adding the water to the colors!

Some notes on using watercolor pencils:

  • Use multiple pencils to create new colors and blend effects.  I kept the colors separated in most of this image (happy left brain!), but used 3 different colors of pencil to create the flesh tones of her legs and hands before using the water brush.
  • If coloring a stamped image, be sure to use an ink that isn’t water based, or the ink will bleed.
  • To keep colors from mixing together, rinse the brush between colors, and work from lightest color to darkest.

Stamps: My Favorite Things
Watercolor Pencils: Prismacolor
Stamping Ink: Clearsnap
Brush: 1/4″ angled

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