Cute Valentine Bookmark SVG file

Use this cute Valentine Bookmark SVG file to make easy non-candy valentines for your favorite kids and their classrooms. Customize your colors, use glitter cardstock, or try different materials to make a unique valentine kids will actually keep and use.

An orange and purple bookmark that reads "I *heart* This Book", lying in a book.
Make a Valentine kids will use.

Use your Cricut to make a batch in no time.  Since the machine does most of the work, you can cozy up with a blanket and your own book while it cuts.

Don’t have a Cricut machine yet?  No worries, you can make these printable Valentine coloring bookmarks in the meantime.

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How to Use the Valentine Bookmark SVG file:

You will need:

Cricut Machine (or other cutting machine)
Cricut Design Space Account (or other cutting software)
2 colors cardstock or other materials to cut

  1. Download the Valentine Bookmark SVG file at the end of the post. Unzip, upload it to Cricut Design Space, and insert into canvas.
  2. Follow directions on screen to cut.  Up to 14 bookmarks will fit on one 12×12 cardstock sheet.  Cut out desired number of bookmark bases from cardstock or other desired material using your cutting machine.
  3. Switch colors or materials and repeat the process for top design layer, filling page before cutting.
1 solid orange paper strip and 3 cut outs of "I *heart* this book" in purple, red, and teal. They are lying on a white background with colored hearts and an orange twisted ribbon.
DIY Valentine Bookmark Cut File from Carla Schauer Studio.

To make the Valentine Bookmark:

Extra Materials needed:

Liquid glue with fine tip nozzle
Lamination machine and sheets (optional)
coordinating ribbon or twine

  1. Glue top design layer to bottom solid layer, lining up holes in top of bookmark. I prefer Beacon Zip Dry Paper Glue for this type of project.  The fine tip and fast dry time make it perfect for the thin cut lines and bulk assembly.
  2. (Optional) Laminate for extra strength then punch through top hole.
  3. Tie coordinating ribbon through hole.
1 solid orange paper strip with a purple "I *heart* this book" overlay. Hand is holding this bookmark over a white background with more bookmarks and colored hearts
Make a Valentine Bookmark

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2 photos of an orange bookmark with purple "I *heart* this book" overlay. One is lying on an open book, and one is being held above a white background and more bookmarks. An orange strip between the photos reads "Free Valentine Bookmark SVG Cut File from"

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  1. This will be prefect for my student library helpers! Thanks!

  2. vicki hayden says:

    How do you make the ‘i heart this book’ part?

    1. Vicki,
      That part of the design is a layer in the file. You can cut both parts in your cutting program at the same time, or just that top layer.

  3. Hi
    I’m trying to save the file, but it’s saving as svg.xml file

    1. Hi G,
      SVG is a type of xml based file, but I’m not quite sure why the file is converting to xml for you. It’s definitely an SVG file. Can you tell me more about how you’re saving the file? Are you saving to your computer before opening in your cutting system software?


  4. I am not able to save as an svg file for some reason. Can you help?

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this svg,i love it it !