Decoupaged Wood Tag

Another great way of using patterned paper scraps in tags is to decoupage them onto premade wood shapes.  These thin wood shapes come in a variety of shapes and sizes in hobby stores, and can often be found in bulk bags fairly inexpensively.

In less than 10 minutes, I created this tag:

Decoupaged wood gift tag or embellishment
From this unfinished precut wood square:

Wood tags for craft embellishment and decoupageAdding the patterned paper is as simple as tracing the wood shape on the reverse side of the paper, cutting out the traced shape, and gluing onto the front of the wood using decoupage medium or paper adhesive.  (In this case, my wood shape was a simple square, so I cut the paper using my paper trimmer.)  I like to sand the edges of the paper using fine-grit sandpaper or an emery board to create a finished look.

A quick wrap with colored twine, a stamped sentiment on a jewelery-sized second tag, and a brad through the predrilled hole completed the look.  The tag is ready to use on another project, or to attach to a gift bag using the brad.

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