Make Fun DIY Summer Temporary Tattoos with your Printer

These DIY Summer temporary tattoos are a cute way to keep kids occupied and having fun over the sunny season. Filled with flip flops, beach balls, and other colorful classic icons of summertime, these temporary tattoos are made at home using your inkjet or laser printer.

Printable Summer Temporary Tattoo sheet with descriptive text overlay.

Save the summer temporary tattoo sheet to your device using the button later in the post. You’ll never run out of tattoos because you can print as many sheets as you need.

Cutting out flamingo image from printed summer tattoo sheet.

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To make summer temporary kids tattoos:

You will need a home printer and printable tattoo paper to print the designs, a hard edge to apply the adhesive, and scissors to cut out the images for application.  Make sure to mirror the design page when printing for tattoos.

I used a laser printer and didn’t need any extra drying time, but depending on the type of printer and the brand of tattoo paper, your printed sheet may need some drying time before applying the adhesive. Make sure to plan ahead in case your paper requires this extra time.

I’ve created a detailed tutorial specifically for how to print and use DIY tattoo paper, linked below.

How to Make Your Own Temporary Tattoos

Peeling white paper from flamingo summer temporary tattoo on skin.

More Ideas for Using Summer Icons

Print the summer designs as-is (without mirror imaging) to create more summer crafts. Try these ideas:

  • Digital Stickers: Convert your icons into digital stickers that can be used for digital planners.
  • Jewelry: Shrink down your icons and turn them into charms, or earrings to make unique summer-themed jewelry.
  • Laptop Stickers: Print your icons on vinyl sticker paper and decorate your laptop or notebook to showcase your summer vibes.
  • Clothing Embellishments: Transfer your icons onto fabric using iron-on transfer paper to create personalized tote bags, or hats.
  • Gift Tags: Print out the icons and glue to white card stock. Use them as unique gift tags for presents during the summer season.
  • Scrapbooking: Turn your icons into summer-themed scrapbook embellishments to enhance and personalize your memories.
  • Greeting Cards: Use your icons to create custom summer-themed greeting cards for birthdays, parties, or special occasions.
  • Party Decorations: Print and cut out your icons to make summer-themed garlands, banners, or food labels for parties.

Download Summer Tattoo Images

Download the printable summer tattoo images to your device, then print as many as you need. Personal use only, see Terms of Use for printables.

Download Art Graphic by Carla Schauer

Enjoy making your temporary tattoos!

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Cutting out summer temporary tattoos, with descriptive text.

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