100 Easy Craft Ideas Using Your Supply Stash

We all have those favorite craft supplies that we’ve been saving for the “perfect” project. The ones that are so hard to use because they’re no longer manufactured, or so pretty we hate to cut into them. Instead, they sit languishing in our crafty spaces. Get those gorgeous craft supplies out of the dark with these 100 easy craft ideas to use your supply stash, and appreciate the colors and patterns every day!

Rainbow colored craft supplies on white background.

Jump start your creativity by picking an easy craft project from the idea list, and get started! Pick one category or mix them all up, the key is to use up those supplies.

Ways to Use Patterned Paper

Watercolored Valentine heart bookmark with gold foil added. Printable heart bookmark from carlaschauer.com

  1.  Use to mat coloring bookmarks.
  2.  Fold to make pillow boxes and other gift wrap
  3.  Cut and make a year’s worth of greeting cards.
  4.  Roll paper beads.
  5.  Fold Origami Animals
  6.  Make gift card and money envelopes
  7.  Make a garden of paper cacti
  8.  Cut paper doll clothes
  9.  Die-cut shapes to make a themed banner
  10.  Accordion-fold paper medallions to make party photo backdrop
  11.  Decoupage onto wood hangers
  12.  Punch circle shapes and hang to make paper mobile
  13.  Make pinwheels as party crafts

Projects Using Ribbon

Tied Fall Ribbon Wreath on orange background

  1.  Make a tied ribbon wreath
  2.  Sew a ribbon ID lanyard
  3.  Embellish flip flops
  4.  Sew a no-slip headband
  5.  Make a sports hair bow
  6.  Wrap ribbon roses
  7.  Tie fairy wands for kids
  8.  Decorate clothespins or hair clips
  9.  Make a lip balm holder
  10.  Embellish hems of jeans
  11.  Tie a rainbow of ribbons around brown paper packages
  12.  Make a thin sunglasses keeper lanyard

Make Button Crafts

Colorful flowers made of buttons in yellow flowerpots.

  1.  Glue to a ring blank to create a statement ring
  2.  Layer on wire to create a button bouquet
  3.  Make tiny fairy garden stools
  4.  String as a button tree garland
  5.  Use as a clasp for a woven bracelet
  6.  Make bright dangling earrings
  7.  Hot glue onto bobby pins for pretty hair decorations
  8.  Stack buttons, tie together, and make refrigerator magnets
  9.  Arrange into an animal silhouette, glue and frame
  10.  Make button-topped push pins
  11.  Use shaped buttons to make themed gift tags
  12.  Create a button bowl with glue and a balloon

Scrap Fabric Projects

Pink, aqua, and white scrunchies on wrist.

  1.  Sew DIY hair scrunchies
  2.  Make embroidery hoop art
  3.  Applique dish towels for the season
  4.  Layer fabric circles to make flowers, embellish pillows
  5.  Sew a small pincushion and fill with steel wool to sharpen pins
  6.  Make a garden flag from outdoor material
  7.  Sew a hand sanitizer pouch
  8.  Make a travel tissue holder
  9.  Sew fabric scraps into coasters
  10.  Make a rice-filled eye mask for heat or cold therapy
  11.  Tie fabric strips onto a dowel to make a wall hanging
  12.  Knot a dog toy from felt

Easy Yarn Craft Ideas

Yarn-wrapped hearts in multiple colors on white background

  1.  Make pom-poms and trim into animals
  2.  Create yarn dolls for kids
  3.  Crochet a dishcloth or face scrubby
  4.  Knit a mug cozy
  5.  Make string art on a wood background
  6.  Yarn-wrap sticks and add to jar as boho decor
  7.  Teach someone to make a friendship bracelet
  8.  Crochet a boot cuff
  9.  Make a mini macrame succulent hanger
  10.  Wrap a cardboard silhouette to make seasonal decorations
  11.  Make a tassel and bead purse charm
  12.  Dip yarn in glue and wrap around a balloon to create hanging ornaments
  13.  Use yarn and beads to make a book thong

Easy Craft Ideas Using Scrap Vinyl

Glitter gem and "fearless" text on purple painted canvas zipper pouch.

  1.  Embellish a baseball cap
  2.  Decorate a pair of shoes
  3.  Make a glittery zipper pouch
  4.  Cut a laptop decal
  5.  Add a snarky phrase to a tumbler or mug
  6.  Decorate kitchen appliances
  7.  Cut small designs to identify phone chargers
  8.  Dress up a plain stretchy headband
  9.  Punch circles from tiny scraps to make polka-dots
  10.  Monogram a phone case
  11.  Design a car window decal
  12.  Use tiny shapes as nail decals

Quick and Easy Craft Paint Projects

stacked acrylic paint containers

  1.  Design colorful easy painted rocks
  2.  Paint sides of furniture drawers to add a pop of color
  3.  Paint plastic animals gold for a quirky modern look
  4.  Refresh a small piece of furniture
  5.  Stencil a tote bag
  6.  Update a photo frame with a bright color
  7.  Try paint pouring on a flowerpot
  8.  Make marbled paper with paint and shaving cream
  9.  Paint 2×4 wood blocks as pumpkins, firecrackers, or other seasonal decor
  10.  Swirl glitter paint into glass ornaments for holiday sparkle
  11.  Update thrift store baskets to match decor
  12.  Add names to wood slices and use as place cards
  13.  Paint a “peace pole” for the garden

Ways to Use Miscellaneous Craft Supplies

Decorative photo blocks on white background

  1.  Make a long tassel necklace with embroidery floss
  2.  Form a ring dish from leftover polymer clay
  3.  Cut finished coloring pages into artist trading cards or use in collage
  4.  Use washi tape and toothpicks to make cupcake topper flags
  5.  Press stamps into clay circles to make keychain charms
  6.  Make an i-spy game using old stickers
  7.  Make glass pebble magnets using alphabet stickers and patterned paper
  8.  Use metal embellishments and craft scraps to make photo blocks
  9.  Use sewing trim to give life to an old denim jacket
  10.  Update cabinet hardware using spray paint
  11.  Die cut foam craft sheets to make custom stamps
  12.  Melt perler beads inside cookie cutters to make suncatchers
  13.  Craft a brooch from a zipper and wool felt

Pin these easy craft ideas to use your stash later:

Collage of craft projects with text overlay for pinning.

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  1. I have such a big craft stash. Pinning to inspire me to actually *use* some of it. 🙂