Easy Paper Bead Necklace Tutorial

Make jewelry from lightweight, allergy-friendly paper beads with less mess by using adhesive backed paper. This paper bead necklace is a quick and easy jewelry project you can make with just one focal bead. Make paper beads in a variety of colors and shapes, then swap them out on a stainless steel ball chain to match each outfit. 

Rolled bead necklace on wood background.

The shape of your paper strip will determine the final shape of your bead. For this multicolored paper bead, I used a strip made of narrowing rectangles.  An oval bead is made with a simple long triangle paper strip. Making the strip narrower will create a rounder paper bead shape.

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Make a Paper Bead Necklace

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 sheet rainbow floral adhesive-backed paper from JGoode Designs (from Cricut Joy Always Spring Paper Pack)
  • light grip cutting mat and cutting machine
  • paper bead kit #M12227AE cutting file from Cricut Design Space
  • glossy decoupage medium
  • small piece of tissue paper or powder
  • toothpick
  • Optional-paper glue
  • 18″ ball chain necklace, allergy free (if desired)


  1. Open paper bead template file in Design Space, then ungroup and turn off all layers except the 7th bead.
  2. Adjust bead size to 11.5″ long. (If making matching paper bead bracelet or earrings, you can cut all beads at the same time if desired.)
  3. Cut out paper bead using Cricut machine. Remove paper from mat, but leave the bead attached to the backing.
    Cricut machine cutting paper beads.
  4. Peel back around 1/2″ of paper from backing. Apply tissue paper or powder to peeled section. This will keep the inside hole from being sticky and allow threading on wire. Wrap end of paper strip around the toothpick and continue rolling bead snugly from large end to small end, securing with dot of decoupage medium or paper glue. Repeat for other beads.
  5. Brush rolled paper bead with glossy decoupage medium, adding a second coat if desired, and allow to dry completely.
    Applying gloss sealer to paper bead.
  6. After bead is dry, thread onto ball chain and close clasp.


Pin this Paper Bead Necklace to make later:

Collage of paper bead necklace photos with descriptive text.



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