30+ Easy Rock Painting Ideas Anyone Can Make

The only thing better than one easy painted rock idea is lots of easy rock painting ideas!  I’ve collected a variety of simple designs to give you a place to jumpstart your own creativity. From dot painting to decoupage, you’ll find an idea you can’t wait to try.

5 Brightly colored painted rocks on white background
Easy Painted Rock Ideas from Carla Schauer Designs

Sure, you can paint complicated, time intensive designs on smooth stones. But sometimes you’re just looking for some quick, down-and-dirty crafting time, a way to relax, or want to practice some rock painting techniques

Having some easy stone painting ideas handy when you’re just starting out and getting used to rock art is also a great idea. You can skip that “what should I paint” dilemma and start your painted rock projects right away. In fact, some of the best rock painting ideas are the easiest to create.

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How to Paint Rocks for Beginners

As a rock painting beginner, its common to get overwhelmed by all the possibilities. Instead, keep these fun ideas saved and choose a creative idea from the list when you’re ready to paint. All the ideas on this list have fantastic tutorials, so you can follow along step-by-step. 

For best results, I recommend starting out simple when you’re buying stone painting supplies for beginners. Then, as you discover how and what you enjoy painting, add in more of the best rock painting supplies that fit your style. To start, you will only need the basics:

  • acrylic paints in a variety of colors
  • paint brushes, for base coat and details
  • smooth rocks (check out my handy-dandy guide to find perfect flat rocks for painting)
  • clear sealer if placing rocks outside
Collage of 4 colorful easy painted rocks. An overlay of white text in a pink circle reads "30+ Easy Rock Painting Ideas"

Rock painting with Kids

Painting rocks is a great craft for kids of all ages!  When painting flat stones with kids*, choose projects that let their imaginations run wild.

Let them choose their own colors or ideas within the design instead of a prescribed specific project. They’ll have a fun activity, and a great way to explore their own creativity.

For younger children, supplies may include inexpensive acrylic paint pens instead of a paint brush and bottled acrylics (to contain the mess.) Kids can have a great time gluing other crafty bits and pieces onto their rock crafts as well, but please be earth-aware when choosing your embellishments.

Instead of googly eyes, stick on gems, acrylic yarns, or other plastics that can fall off into the environment and cause harm, choose biodegradable options. Here are some great additions that are also environmentally friendly:

  • smaller rocks or shells
  • biodegradable glitter made from plants
  • pasta shapes
  • seeds, beans, and lentils
  • cut paper or recycled magazine pages
  • colored sand

*Please use proper supervision when crafting with young children

Easy Designs for Rock Painting

I made these fun little painted rocks using my favorite rock painting supplies at a girls’ crafternoon while I was chatting away.  

Heart shaped rock painted with a pink and purple ombre gradient, with white dots around border.
Ombre heart painted rock from Carla Schauer Designs

Paint a blended ombre gradient on a heart-shaped rock to make a sweet surprise for someone to find.  I used shiny 3D paint to add a dotted heart to emphasize the rock shape.

Bright green painted rock with colored arrows and "Say yes to new adventures" blue text
Yes to Adventures painted rock from Carla Schauer Designs.

Draw a variety of arrows using paint pens to add some fun to a travel-themed design.  Fine tipped markers are perfect for details and for writing words on rocks.  I used these paint pens (my favorite for painting rocks).

Rock painted with blue and purple paint to look like a galaxy, with silver crown constellation.
Galaxy Painted Rock from Carla Schauer Designs

Layers of paint sponged onto a dark navy background created this fun galaxy painted rock.  I spritzed on white paint flecks for the tiny stars, then added my constellation using silver paint. See the full Galaxy Painted Rock tutorial.

Did I make up my very own crown constellation?  Why yes I did!

Speckled rock painted with 3 red-capped, dotted mushrooms.
Mushroom painted rock from Carla Schauer Designs

I used a stencil to create this trio of mushrooms on a natural speckled rock.  Stenciling on rocks can be difficult because of the irregular surface, so I just barely stippled paint to get the general shape of the design. 

Once I removed the stencil, I went back with paint markers and brushes to paint details and fine lines.

Busy? No Problem!

Obviously you can’t make all these cute painted rocks at once.  Make sure you pin these ideas to your favorite crafty Pinterest board so you can reference them when you’re ready for another idea.

Collage of decorated rock photos with text overlay that reads "Easy Rock Art Ideas That Anyone Can Make".

More Easy Rock Painting Ideas For All Ages

I've collected some of the easiest rock painting ideas from across the internet. Each can be made quickly, with minimal supplies.

Skip the fuss and get painting right away using one of these easy dotting, painting, or decoupaging ideas to decorate your smooth river stones.

Dot Painting on Rocks for Beginners

There's something about dotted designs that just radiate happiness. Painted dots in different sizes are easy to make using a round paintbrush, a dotting tool set, or things you find around the house.

These little circles can create an adorable background or make up the design itself.  Try these easy rock painting ideas using dots:

Easy Painted Animal Rocks

Painted animal rocks are always a good choice. Everyone has a favorite animal, and the design can be as simple as a solid white background with black panda face details.

Or draw a rainbow unicorn head, sunning turtle, or bright ladybug on your stones. Check out these simple painted rock animal designs:

Simple Inspirational Rocks to Paint

With the enormous popularity of hiding and finding inspirational painted rocks, (and the Kindness Rocks Project) some of the most common things to paint are positive phrases on rocks.

Paint short one-word motivators or longer encouraging quotes. Inspirational painted stones are an easy rock art idea that also sends some love to the world.

Stone Painting Ideas for Kids

The best part about all these simple rock painting designs is that, with a few adjustments, they're easy, fun crafts for any age group or skill level.

Rock Art Idea Books

I've listed some suggestions for idea books filled with things to paint on stones.  They're a great place to gather suggestions, learn specific patterns, or even pair with rock painting pens for a crafty gift idea.  Whether you're 3 or 93, anyone can have fun painting rocks!

Pin these easy painting ideas for rocks to make later:

Your shares are how this site grows, and I am genuinely appreciative when you do. Pin to your favorite Christmas Pinterest board or share this idea to a craft group on Facebook.

7 Brightly colored painted rocks on white background, with blue text overlay that reads "Easy Rock Painting Ideas".


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