Eating (sparkly!) Crow

I swore several years ago I was done with glitter.    It never failed.   I’d spend hours (or days.  I’m not known for my speed) perfecting a project, and 2 days later the glitter would be lying in a twinkling pile on the table under the project.   I’d scream choice words in frustration.

Finally, I threw my whole stash in the back of the closet and washed my hands of the stuff.  (Literally!)

As it turns out, all my problems could have been avoided if I’d known about Helmar adhesives.    Their Acid Free Glue is fantastic for keeping the glitter where I put it.   No sparkly puddle!


The entire project will be posted on the Helmar Blog tomorrow (Monday) with complete instructions.   Enjoy the long-term sparkle!

Until next time…

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  1. I’ll keep that in mind. That is, if I ever take up crafts! You make really cool stuff.