Faux-Woodgrain Monogram Tag

Today’s tag was inspired by a challenge from a friend, and features a woodgrain patterned monogram made from chipboard. The result is a nature-inspired tag that can be attached to a gift, or framed as an decor piece.

Woodgrain print chipboard monogram tag

The inspiration came from a friend who challenged me to work outside of my comfort zone.  She handed me the feather (WAY out of my zone), along with an odd colored green clay leaf, and the hand-carved wood button. I needed to find a way to tie these materials together.   I decided I would play on each item’s link to a tree and connect them together with some woodgrain.  Plus, there was a time constraint to the challenge.

Because of the time constraints, and because it’s easier than handcutting a letter from wood veneer, I choose to transform a chipboard letter into a “wood” monogram using ink.  i started with the plain chipboard a.

Making woodgrain monogram from chipboardI applied Creamy Brown Chalk ink directly to the letter using the ink pad to warm up the color.Coloring chipboard letter with ink to make woodgrainThen used a large 4×6″ woodgrain stamp to apply the pattern over the entire letter using Dark Brown Chalk Ink.

Woodgrain Stamped chipboard monogram letterOnce the woodgrain monogram was completed, I toned down the odd green color of the leaf with cream acrylic paint and tied the button with cream twine, then layered both over the feather on the right side of the “a”.

Natural embellishments on monogram gift tagI added dark brown twine to hang the tag, which could be omitted if framing the monogram as an accent.  It’s a great way to use leftover chipboard letters, and add a natural element to a project or gift.

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