Faux Woodgrain Vase

Whew! I’m coming up for air!

We spent yesterday reorganizing our basement playroom in anticipation of this week’s trip to Ikea for my Expedit bookshelves. These toys are getting organized, by golly! I can’t wait until all those little pieces are up off of the floor and a home of their own.

Friday, I spent the entire afternoon doing the same to all the flowers in the “scrap cave”. My two years on the Prima design team left me with a LOT of flowers, all of which I kept in the original packaging for ease of identification in my team requirements (and it looked pretty too!). Unfortunately, those packages take up a lot of real estate in my room. Now that my 2 year term is finished, I need the space for all the other homeless crafty stuff I have. After condensing everything, I now have only one double cabinet of flowers instead of two, and a whole empty cabinet waiting to be filled. It feels great! Now, if I could only decide where the most efficient places for all the other stuff are, I’d be all set…

In honor of my newly condensed flower stash, here is one of my favorite flowery projects, published in the September 2007 issue of Today’s Creative Home Arts Magazine.

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