Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Colorful bits of festive paper are scattered through the room, their glittery sparkle glinting mockingly as they are just a fraction of an inch too small for the current gift.  You’ve found and lost the scissors umpteen times over the last hour, and they’ve gone into hiding again.  The tape dispenser is staring you down with a “feeling lucky, punk?” glare, as you try to compare the inches left on the roll with the number of gifts left to wrestle.  Let me ease the storm of crazy with these Printable Christmas Gift Tags.

No late night run to the store, no dealing with crowds, no sifting through piles of random holiday decorations trying to find what you need.

Just print at home in your pjs. You don’t even have to dust the glitter off of them.


Printable Christmas Gift Tags:


These snarky little Printable Christmas gift tags are my go-to tags for gift exchanges and kids.  Everyone loves a little holiday snark, and I find kids to be extra-appreciative of the humor.

Free Snarky Printable Christmas Gift Tags. Hilarious! --From Carla Schauer Designs
Snarky Christmas Gift Tags | Carla Schauer Designs


Get the Printable Snarky Gift Tags Here

My Gingerbread holiday gift tags are sweet and simple, and the winter blues and reds make them suitable for any holiday occasion. Hooray for cute!

Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags from Carla Schauer Designs. Cute little gingerbread man circles.
Free Printable Gingerbread Holiday Gift Tags | Carla Schauer Designs.


Get the Printable Gingerbread Gift Tags Here

And if you’re looking at that bottle of Riesling you got for Aunt Charlene and wondering how on earth you’re going to wrap that without losing your remaining sanity entirely, try these printable wine bottle tags.  Festive, fun, and most importantly, finished!

Would be super cute as holiday hostess gifts! How to make the beaded bottle toppers and free printable wine bottle tags. |
Printable holiday wine tags|Carla Schauer Designs

Get the Holiday Wine Tag Printables Here.

Yay, gift prep is almost complete!  Go attach those tags, then sit back, and open that second bottle of Riesling you stashed for yourself.  Cheers!

Until next time,


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