Friday Fragments


I’m trying something new this week, just for fun, and because none of the topics I have thoughts about this week really equal an entire post.  It’s “a whole lot about not much” today.   For more people posting Friday Fragments check out Mrs. 4444’s blog.

  • Yesterday, I took down the last of the winter decorations.  Yes, I said the winter decorations, and yes, it’s March 6th.  In my defense, it was my snowman collection and it was still 14 degrees two days ago.    I draw the line at 55 degrees in March, though (which it was yesterday), so down they came.    I’m ready for spring.
  • I am anxiously waiting for the time change to happen this weekend.  My kids have been up insanely early this week, and I’m downright tired of it.  Switch the light to the evening already!
  • What’s up with canceling “Life on Mars”?   Shows like “The Bachelor” stay, and the real meaty shows go.   I just don’t understand it.
  • My wrist seems to unfortunately be back to where it was before my Dr. appointment.  All those needles for nothing.   It looks like I have a phone call to make this morning.  I guess I better clear my calendar.  Fantastic.
  • Ever since I posted this post, I have gotten hits all over the place from people searching for Leprechaun traps.   Who knew so many people were looking for ideas.   HI EVERYONE!   We still haven’t made one yet, sorry!
  • Last week, I started planning out our meals for the week again.   We use the Grocery Game (and have for about a year), because I’m too lazy to match up the coupons to the circulars and too cheap to pay full price.   We’ve been slacking on the planning front since I got sick last fall, and it feels good to get back to it.   No last minute trips to the store this week and we saved 47%.  Yay us!
  • We’re laying the river rock pebble tile this weekend in the half-bath.   Heaven help us.
  • And because I haven’t posted a project all week, here’s a quick bit of craftiness for the weekend.   These made an appearance in the Sept./Oct. issue of Today’s Creative Home Arts, and were made with random scraps of whatever products I had laying around.    I thought it fit with the “random scraps from my brain” theme today.    love them.


Have a fantastic weekend!

Until next time…

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  1. Great Friday Fragments!

    Good luck with the doctor and the tiling! I’m not sure which is worse! : )

    I liked Life on Mars but haven’t followed it super closely. When did it get canceled?

  2. I LOVE those crafty little boxes you made! Those are the coolest!

  3. River rock, huh? Sounds beautiful. Thanks for the reminder about the time change; I had forgotten! (I’d hate to be late for school on Monday! Off to Google that grocery thing….

    Have a great weekend, and thanks for joining me this week!