Glitter Filled Chipboard Heart–Tag Tuesday

Creating a project with the extra piece that remains after using a chipboard shape (also called the negative shape) is a great way to get double the life from your supplies. For this tag, I used the negative of a precut chipboard heart and filled it with glitter.

Glittered heart gift tag
I started by tracing the center heart shape in reverse on the back side of striped patterned paper and cutting out the shape with small detail scissors.  I glued the paper to the front of the chipboard and smoothed the excess with a sanding block.  To close the heart shaped hole and create a surface for the glitter, I cut thick cardstock to fit the rectangle and glued it to the back of the chipboard negative.

Making a glitter filled chipboard tag
I spread the inside of the open heart with thick white glue and filled it with pink glitter, spreading the glue into the small spaces with a toothpick and pressing the glitter firmly into the glue layer to prevent future glitter shedding.  (Since the glue layer is thick, it will take a while to dry.  Don’t touch, or the glitter layer won’t stay smooth.)

glitter filled chipboard heart tag
Once the glue was dry, I added my flower, an acrylic painted metal sentiment, and a tied fiber hanger.

This is also a great way to use flocking or other loose material, since it stays contained a bit inside the chipboard.  For more tips and project ideas, follow Carla Schauer Designs on Facebook, and sign up for the Free email newsletter!

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  1. I love this so much! So much, that if I made it, I couldn’t give it away! So lovely 🙂