Good mail day

Why is it that delivery people always ring the door bell during naptime?  It doesn’t matter if I put them down  early,  late, or on time, invariably the “ding-dong” comes while the kids are sleeping. (The noise, not the delivery guy 🙂 )  Today, he rang 3 times.  Sheesh.  Luckily, no children were awakened during the delivery of this package.

Inside were two projects published in the new special issue of Paper Crafts Magazine, and my copies of the issue.

It’s always a thrill to see my stuff in print, and this issue has two projects–a gift bag and an embellished mini-clipboard.  (Check them out on pages 40 and 55!)  I’m especially glad to see the clipboard come home, as it was a gift I made for my mom last Mother’s Day and I had to confiscate it to send.  That’s twice now I’ve had to borrow a gift I made her.  (Sorry Mom!)  I probably should stop submitting her gifts, but I always love how they turn out and she likes seeing them in print.  She’s visiting this weekend, so the timing worked perfectly for its return.

I’m working on a project today, but I’ll be using my break time for thumbing through this new issue.

Have a great day!

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