Free Printable Halloween Bingo Cards {for All Ages!}

Halloween Bingo is an adorable twist on the classic game. These Free Printable Halloween Bingo Cards make playing an easy addition to any party or family game night!

4 Colorful Halloween bingo cards with grid of cute halloween icons. On white wood background with a bowl of marshmallows with drawn faces in the corner.

I love games. And BINGO is the kind of game that people can play without needing a ton of brainpower. That means it’s perfect for parties!

Sit and chat with friends while casually playing Halloween Bingo, or have a more intense round. Either way, it’s a great time! There are holiday bingo cards for the rest of the year too!

Free Printable Halloween Bingo Cards

I’ve created this Halloween Bingo Printable Game so that it’s perfect for any age group, or any mix of ages. Kids love to play bingo, but so do teens and adults!

Last-minute? No problem! From black cats to jack-o-lanterns, the cute bingo images are ready to print, cut and play.

Setting up the Printable Halloween Bingo Game

In advance, before your players arrive, you’ll need to set up your Halloween Bingo Game.

Download and print the free Halloween bingo sheets and call sheet (at the bottom of this post.) The sheets are designed 2 per US letter size page to save paper and printing costs.

I prefer using a mid-weight white cardstock, since it’s more durable than standard printer paper.

Cut apart the bingo game boards and calling cards. I use a paper trimmer for straight edges and quickness, but scissors will work too.

You’ll also need something to use as bingo markers, and some prizes.

*tip: laminating the bingo sheets using either a laminating machine or self-laminating envelopes will allow reusing the cards year after year. You can also use dry erase markers on laminated bingo cards.

Hosting a Halloween Bingo Game for Kids

Bingo is a great game for kids’ Halloween parties! There are 6 free printable Halloween Bingo cards, making them great for small groups like scout meetings or playing in partners.

Larger sets of up to 50 different cards are available in my online store for class parties and other bigger groups.

From preschoolers to Grandparents, Halloween Bingo is a fun game the whole family can play together. It’s a perfect activity for family game night.

Since these printable cards have cute Halloween images and don’t require reading, younger children can play without needing a buddy. 

Add some extra Halloween creativity by pulling the calling cards from a witch’s hat or plastic pumpkin bucket. Having players take turns calling, using the voice of a witch, mummy, or monster is sure to bring some giggles.

Colorful Halloween bingo card with grid of cute halloween icons. On slate background with candy corn, craft pom-poms, and googly eyes scattered on the side.

How to Play Halloween Bingo

Chances are, most people have played some kind of bingo before.  But it never hurts to review the rules, to avoid confusion and make sure everyone is on the same page.

To play Halloween Bingo:

  1. Pass out Halloween bingo boards to each player or team.
  2. Give each player at least 25 bingo markers (more if using candy, since some will “mysteriously vanish” during the game.)
  3. Make sure each player places a marker on the center free space.
  4. As each each calling card is pulled from the bowl or hat, players add a marker to the matching picture space. Keeping a steady, reasonably quick pace helps wandering minds pay attention.
  5. The first player to match 5 in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) shouts “BINGO!” and wins the game.

All players then clear their boards to play again.

Alternative Bingo Winning Plays

Mix things up for more winning moves, or to play a shorter or longer game. Try these options:

  • Four Corners– cover all 4 of the board corners
  • X-OUT – match both diagonals through the center square
  • Cris-Cross – match vertical and horizontal through the center square
  • Non-readers can also use a bingo card as a scavenger hunt list, finding the items in a Halloween book or movie, pumpkin patch, or in the neighborhood.

Prizes for Halloween Bingo Games

The most exciting part of playing any bingo game is getting to throw your arm up in the air, shouting “BINGO!”, and getting that fabulous prize. Luckily this time of year there are lots of fun ideas for prizes that won’t break the bank.

I recommend a mix of non-food small items (to avoid any allergies) adjusted to the ages of the players.

3 printable halloween bingo sheets and one calling card sheet, all with colorful Halloween icons. All on orange background with Black text reading "Printable Halloween Bingo."

Download the Free Printable Halloween Bingo Card Set

Download the free printables to your device using the orange button below, then print as many as you need for personal use. See full Terms of Use for printables.

"Download" written in teal text, with a swirly arrow pointing below.

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Printable Halloween Bingo FAQ

What can i use for Halloween Bingo Markers?

Any small item can be a bingo marker. Candy corn is probably the most popular (and in my opinion, the only good use for candy corn!) Other Halloween candy will also work, just be sure to choose something that won’t roll away.

For non-candy markers, try googly eyes, novelty erasers, craft pom-poms, or little dollar store trinkets. Be sure to consider safety and closely supervise children under 3.

Can I use these free Halloween bingo cards to play blackout bingo?

Like most themed bingo cards, this set uses fewer images than necessary for blackout bingo. Even though all 56 cards are unique, it is likely that multiple people would call blackout bingo at the same time.

What is included in this free download?

This free printable Halloween bingo game pdf file contains 6 unique cards filled with cute Halloween images, along with 1 calling sheet. Larger quantities from 10 to 50 additional bingo cards are available in my printable store.

What is the best way to print these Halloween bingo printables?

I like a medium-weight bright white cardstock. It’s sturdy enough to withstand multiple rounds of play, and thin enough to laminate well for long-term repeated use.

You can use regular printer paper, but understand it’s likely only going to last one-night of playing. Print at home, or at a local copy center.

Is this Printable Halloween Bingo Game OK for classroom use?

Absolutely, It’s a great activity for a classroom Halloween party! Use as one of several small group activities, or grab a Classroom pack of 30 different bingo game cards.  Libraries, scout troops, and other non-profit groups are fine too. 

Commercial use is not permitted.

What ages can play Halloween Bingo?

Ages 3+ should be able to understand the game, though some young children may still need help to play.

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4 Colorful Halloween bingo cards with grid of cute halloween icons. On white wood background with marshmallow with drawn faces scattered in the corner. Text in purple partial circle at top reads "Printable Halloween Bingo Cards"

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