Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues for Kids {free printable}

Use these free printable Halloween scavenger hunt clues to set up a fun treasure-hunt style game kids will love. They’ll have a blast solving the riddles and finding their prizes!

12 rhyming clues and 3 blank clues to a Halloween Treasure Hunt. Clues have a colorful halloween-themed border, and are sitting on a gray cement background next to a plate of Halloween cookies.

My kids always loved scavenger hunts. They’d put their heads together to solve the riddle, then race to the spot for their next clue. Even though they’re older now, I still sometimes send them on a search for a gift I’ve gotten, just for fun.

The decorated riddles are already done for you, so you can get right to the fun. Print, cut, and hide the clues, then send the kids off on a Halloween hunt!

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Free Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues

The pre-printed cards are designed as an indoor scavenger hunt for younger children. It’s a great activity for a rainy day, Halloween party game, or to release some energy before trick-or-treating time on Halloween night.

I’ve created 12 Halloween scavenger hunt clues with cute little Halloween rhymes leading to common places in the home.

I’ve also added 12 blank cards in case you’d like to write your own clues instead. This is a great way to swap out some harder clues for older kids or some outdoor options.

Preparing for your Halloween Scavenger Hunt Game

Make sure your Halloween Scavenger Hunt goes smoothly by gathering everything you’ll need in advance. This will make the hiding of your clue cards easy when the time comes.

Start by downloading the scavenger hunt clues, and printing them onto white cardstock. Mid- to heavy-weight cardstock gives a little more heftiness to your clues, and makes them a bit more sturdy if you decide to attach candy or a fun surprise to them.

Then cut the clues apart using a paper trimmer or scissors.

Review each clue in advance to ensure you can provide hints or guidance if younger kids get stuck. Frustrated kids aren’t having fun!  

Familiarize yourself with the sequence of clues, and consider having the clue cheat sheet handy in case you forget where they are.

Four cut out Halloween scavenger hunt clues with scissors and 1/2 of an uncut sheet of clues, on an orange halloween themed background.

Playing the Halloween Treasure Hunt

  1. Players can work alone or in pairs. If kids are working together, encourage them to put their heads together work as a team to solve each riddle and follow the path you’ve laid out.
  2. Explain the rules, and hand out the first clue. Players will then solve the riddle to find the next treasure hunt clue. They’ll have a great time rushing from place to place as they collect different Halloween goodies along the way.
  3. If they encounter challenges or appear stuck on a clue, be ready to provide hints or suggestions to keep the adventure flowing smoothly.
  4. The last clue leads to the end of the hunt and a grand prize treasure filled with different Halloween items.  

Adding a Twist: Additional Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Add a twist to the game by announcing a fun activity, such as walking like a mummy to the next clue.

To enhance the Halloween spirit, add a few surprises along the way. Maybe a ghostly apparition (played by a friend in costume) makes an appearance or eerie music plays as they approach the final clue. The more you can make the hunt feel like an immersive experience, the more memorable it will be.

For teens and tweens, host a backyard “Glow-in-the-Dark Treasure Hunt.” Hide clues and treasures that glow in the dark, and provide participants with glow sticks or flashlights to navigate the hunt in the dark.

Remember, the journey is just as important as the destination, so encourage your treasure hunters to have fun and embrace the Halloween magic!

Crafting Clues for Older Kids and Adults

Halloween Scavenger Hunt clues for older players can trickier. If you’re making your own clues, you want to strike that perfect balance between challenging and solvable. Start by brainstorming Halloween-themed clues that tie into the overall theme of your hunt.

For instance, if you’re doing a vampire-themed hunt, a clue like “Where Dracula sleeps during the day” could lead to a coffin. If it’s a pirate-themed hunt, you might use a clue like “X marks the spot where the lost pirate gold is hidden.” Remember to make the language creative to keep participants engaged and curious.

When writing your riddles, think about the age group of your treasure hunters. For kids, you’ll want to keep things simple and playful, while for adults, you can make them more intricate and cryptic.

Test your clues with a friend or family member to make sure they’re fun to decipher but not too frustrating.

The Jackpot: Halloween Scavenger Hunt Prizes

Ok, the destination is fun too. You can opt for one big treasure chest or witch’s cauldron for everyone to dive into, or individual goodie bags.

Make sure you have a mix of tasty Halloween treats (keeping in mind to have allergy-friendly options) and non-candy treats as well. Here are some of my favorite options:


  • Full-size candy bars
  • Rice-Crispy Treats
  • Juice boxes
  • Allergy-friendly chocolate
  • Flavored popcorn
Four printed pages of Halloween Scavenger Hunt clues, with 8 halloween themed clues on each. Pages are on a purple background with small orange pumpkins and black bat and spider web confetti on the left side.

Download the Free Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues

Download the free printables to your device using the orange button below, then print as many as you need for personal use. See full Terms of Use for printables.

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Four printed pages of Halloween Scavenger Hunt clues, with 8 halloween themed clues on each. Pages are on a purple background with small orange pumpkins and black bat and spider web confetti on the left side. Black bar with text at top and bottom reads "Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues, printables from Carla Schauer Studio."
Four cut out Halloween scavenger hunt clues with scissors and 1/2 of an uncut sheet of clues, on an orange halloween themed background. Purple bar on bottom of image reads "Halloween Scavenger Hunt Clues for Kids" in Orange text.

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