Free Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt List

This Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt List is a fun Halloween activity for the whole family, including kids of all ages. It also makes a great group bonding activity, and a perfect addition to Halloween parties.

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It’s no secret that I love scavenger hunts. And this fun Halloween scavenger hunt is no exception. But I love this one even more for teens (and adults!) who often get left out of Halloween fun.

No one is too old for Halloween!

For younger kids, pair them with a buddy or try a clue-based Halloween treasure hunt. Pre-readers can find Halloween items using one of these Halloween Bingo cards instead.

Why Try a Photo Scavenger Hunt?

My favorite way to use this fun activity is as a Halloween photo scavenger hunt played in small groups, especially for teens and tweens. Take pictures of the items as you find them, and get bonus points for the silly items at the end of the list.

Make it a Halloween selfie scavenger hunt and everyone will be laughing and full of Halloween spirit (pun alert!) in no time.

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Preparing for the Halloween Scavenger Hunt

If you’re playing as a standard simple Halloween scavenger hunt, you’ll need to print copies of the free printable scavenger hunt list for every player. You can use regular printer paper, but I prefer at least a mid-weight card stock for sturdiness.

A hard writing surface like a clipboard makes things easier, and of course you’ll need a writing utensil to mark off items as you find them.

Additionally, for a photo Halloween hunt, each team will need at least one camera. Cell phones are the easiest option. A fun alternative is to use instant cameras or an instant photo printer for party guests to take their silly photos home.

Printed Halloween Scavenger Hunt list with several items checked off in green ink. Page is sitting on an orange background accented with black paper bat decorations.

Playing the Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Decide if everyone is playing as a group activity or if there’s a competition involved. This will probably depend on the ages of the players. Then see how many items you can find! Some variations for playing:

  • Play as a Halloween party game, hiding the items on the list in a small scale around your party space.
  • Play at a pumpkin patch that has lots of Halloween decorations. This works well for younger kids and makes a fun family activity. 
  • Older kids, teens, and adults with more freedom usually play as a neighborhood Halloween scavenger hunt.
  • Play on Halloween night as a trick-or-treating alternative (or while the kids are going door-to-door) or any time during the Halloween season.

Fun Halloween Game Prizes

What’s a scavenger hunt without prizes? Everyone loves a fun surprise reward at the end of the hunt, especially if you win the grand prize! A candy goodie bag is always a classic hit, especially if it includes full-size candy bars and other yummy Halloween treats. 

But there are plenty of equally awesome non-candy treats kids will love, especially if there are already lots of edible treats at the party, or allergies to consider.

Try these non-candy Halloween prizes:

Consider giving out prizes for the funniest or most unique photo, fastest finish, or other awards, in addition to the grand prize to encourage creativity.

A green and black Halloween Scavenger Hunt list sits on a bright green background. At the top of the image are a variety of Halloween props, including a witch's hat, round eyeglasses, and an orange plastic pumpkin bucket with Halloween candy.

Download the Free Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt List

Download the free printables to your device using the orange button below, then print as many as you need for personal use. See full Terms of Use for printables.

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I’d love to hear stories of your own photo scavenger hunts in the comments. Have a Happy Halloween!

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Printed Halloween Scavenger Hunt list with several items checked off in green ink. Page is sitting on an orange background accented with black paper bat decorations. Black bar at bottom of image has white text that reads "Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt for Teens"
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