Hanukkah Bingo Cards (Free Printable Chanukah Game!)

Hanukkah Bingo is a fun way to bring everyone together and create lasting memories during the holiday season. These Printable Hanukkah Bingo Cards make hosting the game easy. Just print and play!

3 hanukkah bingo cards, stacked at an angle on top of a white wood board background. Gelt lying around board.

Our whole family loves playing bingo together at the holidays. I’ve made sure that my bingo cards are picture-based, for a super easy game that all ages can play with minimal help. No reading or advanced cognitive skills needed to have fun!

Beyond the family, Hanukkah Bingo can be part of larger community gatherings, bringing people together for social interaction, fostering a sense of belonging, and strengthening communal ties.

This printable Hanukkah bingo game makes a fun activity at a classroom party or youth group gathering. It’s a very popular game for senior centers too, as a unique holiday variation of the classic game.

6 printed Hanukkah bingo cards with blue border and colorful Hanukkah symbols, on top of white printed page of calling cards with identical symbols. Blue background.

Free Printable Hanukkah Bingo Cards

There are 6 unique bingo cards and 1 sheet of calling cards in the free download, perfect for family gatherings or small groups needing a fun Hanukkah activity.  

Larger sets of up to 50 unique cards are available in my online store for classroom parties and other bigger groups.

You will also need:

*tip: laminate the printable bingo cards using either a laminating machine or self-laminating envelopes after cutting apart to easily reuse the cards through the whole holiday season, even year after year. You can use dry erase markers on laminated pages as well.

3 printed pages of Hanukkah bingo cards, each with 2 cards containing tradional Hanukkah symbols and a blue border. Pages are lying on a white background surrounded with dreidels, pinecones, and silver star confetti.

Why Play Hanukkah Bingo?

Games play a significant role during Hanukkah, contributing to the festive atmosphere and fostering togetherness among family and community members. Even people who don’t celebrate the holiday can benefit from playing and learning more about it.

Cultural Learning: Games offer an opportunity to educate and pass down traditions. Hanukkah bingo is a great way for children and newcomers to the holiday to learn about the story, symbols, and customs associated with Hanukkah in a fun and interactive way. This printable bingo game includes a menorah, dreidels, gelt (chocolate coins), and other traditional holiday symbols.

Family Bonding: Hanukkah is a family-oriented holiday, and games provide an avenue for families to come together, interact, and create lasting memories. Playing games encourages communication, laughter, and shared experiences, strengthening familial bonds.

Educational Value: Games like Hanukkah bingo can be educational, helping children and adults alike learn about Jewish history, customs, and values associated with Hanukkah. They can also reinforce important skills like counting, strategy, and critical thinking.

Promoting Fun and Relaxation: Amidst the holiday rush, games provide a chance for relaxation and enjoyment. They serve as a break from the hectic pace of celebrations and allow everyone to unwind in a lighthearted and enjoyable manner.

6 printed Hanukkah bingo cards stacked on a blue background. Each board has a blue border and traditional Hanukkah symbols.

To Use Hanukkah Printable Game Boards:

Setting up the game:

Begin by setting up the game beforehand. Download and print the free printable pages of Hanukkah bingo cards and calling card sheet (near the bottom of the post) and cut apart. I prefer using a paper trimmer for quick cutting and straight edges, but scissors will work too. 

Gather at least 25 small bingo markers for each person, and prizes for the winners if desired.

To play Hanukkah bingo:

  1. Pass out bingo sheets to each person or team, along with the bingo markers you have chosen.
  2. Place the calling cards in a small bowl or bag and shake to mix thoroughly.
  3. Make sure each player places a marker on the center free space to start.
  4. As the bingo caller pulls a calling card from the bowl, players add a marker to the matching picture space.
  5. The winner is the first person to match 5 in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) and shout “BINGO!” 

Alternative Bingo Winning Plays

Changing up the winning move from a single straight line is a great way to make this fun Hanukkah game shorter or longer. Try these options:

  • Four Corners– cover all 4 of the board corners
  • X-OUT – match both diagonals through the center square
  • Cris-Cross – match vertical and horizontal through the center square
  • Make a Letter – try marking a T, L, O, or I to win

Hanukkah Bingo Prize Ideas:

Everyone loves prizes, and winning a little prize always makes the competition more exciting. They can be as small or as large as you want, and tailoring them to the ages of your players is always a good idea. Here are a few of my favorite bingo prize ideas:

3 printed pages of Hanukkah bingo cards, each with 2 cards containing tradional Hanukkah symbols and a blue border, lying on top of a page printed with the same icons and labels. Pages are lying on a white background surrounded with dreidels, pinecones, and silver star confetti.

Download the Free Hanukkah Bingo Printables:

There are 3 free pages of bingo cards (2 per page) and 1 page of calling cards in one pdf file.

Download the free printables to your device using the orange button below, then print as many as you need for personal use. See full Terms of Use for printables.

"Download" written in teal text, with a swirly arrow pointing below.

Play a fun game of bingo today!

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3 hanukkah bingo cards, stacked at an angle on top of a white wood board background. Gelt lying around board. Blue bar at bottom of image contains yellow and teal text that reads "Hanukkah Printable Bingo Game"

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