Happy New Year!

And best wishes for everything good in 2009!  We had a wonderful get-together with old friends, as we do every year.    Though we were missing a few people this year, we still had a ball.

I’m hoping for a quieter year for my family, since the past few months have been quite hectic health-wise since September for us and for our extended families.  It sounds kind of silly to say I’m hoping for “nothing” to happen in 2009, but really, it’s the truth.  Plain, boring, old life is fine with me.

By the calendar, it’s a bit late for Christmas, but since my house is still fully decorated, I’m squeaking one last holiday card onto the blog before I move on to the new year.

This card was made with chipboard circles, beads, glitter, stamped phrases, pre-cut felt shapes, and Helmar adhesives (450 Stainless, Acid Free Glue, and Liquid Scrap Dots).  Hope everyone had a great holiday!


Until next time…

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  1. too cute!

    ok, I need to know how you found my new blog? mainly so I know what kinds of searches are turning me up and how I might be able to avoid it!


  2. Candice Windham says:


    Love the card. When I see your published work I can always spot it without looking for the name. You got style, Sista!

    At least I have one more day than you before I leave for Anaheim. This year, I’m taking what I did for Chicago with only one or two new pieces, plus a killer portfolio. Decided to make it easy on myself.

    Roxi and I will be promoting RockCandy Studios quite a bit at CHA, so that is where our energy is going. Roxi isn’t doing the Designer Showcase, so she has it a little simpler.

    Can’t wait to see you. Can we do dinner with Niki one night?