How to Make Hair Scrunchies-6 Ways

Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, there’s a DIY Scrunchie option for you. These accessories from the 1980s are back, and you can make them at home for a fraction of what you might pay in stores. Learn how to make hair scrunchies 6 ways, and try one or even all of them to find your favorite!

Handmade DIY Hair scrunchie photo collage with "Make a Scrunchie" text overlay.

Making Scrunchies is a fantastic way to use up scrap materials like fabric and yarn leftover from another project. You can also upcycle the undamaged parts of old clothing that is stained or ripped. You’ll always have a cute hair scrunchie to match any outfit.

6 DIY Scrunchie Tutorials to Try

Start with a basic scrunchie, or jump right in to something nontraditional. The choice, and the material used, is up to you. Make them as gifts for friends, or keep them all for yourself!

How to Make Scrunchies

Learn how to make scrunchies using 6 different methods. Making scrunchies is an easy DIY project using scrap materials.

Pin these DIY Scrunchie Tutorials to make later:

collage of DIY Scrunchies with text overlay


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