30 Creative Family Activities: Indoor Things to Do

The whole family is home at the same time. You definitely need some indoor family activities. What is there to do that everyone will like?

Printable activity calendar for families lying on bright painted background. Blue blocks with white text description reads "30 Indoor Creative Ideas the while family will love (even teenagers!) / Printable activity calender"

I compiled 30 days worth of indoor things to do together, filled with crafts and creative rainy day ideas that everyone in the family will enjoy.

Yes, even the jaded teenagers.

Indoor Activities for Kids and Adults

You’re stuck in the house, and looking for things to do on a rainy day for adults and kids to do together. These ideas will stir up creativity and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

They’re perfect for an activity night, family art project, bad weather days, or anytime you find yourselves staring at each other in boredom.

Download and print the Family Activity Calendar at the bottom of the list. Do the creative prompts in order, or choose an arts and crafts project at random.

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5 brightly colored painted rocks on white background
Paint rocks with acrylic paints and markers.
  1. Paint rocks.  Use acrylic paints and paint markers to make mini art pieces.
  2. Make a time capsule to be opened in a month, a year, or later.
  3. Binge watch “Nailed It” on Netflix and the whole family will be giggling.
  4. Print and Color a bookmark
  5. Make Paracord Zipper Pulls
  6. Bake and Decorate Cookies
  7. Hold a paper airplane contest and see whose plane flies farthest
  8. Make handmade cards and send old-fashioned snail mail to someone else who could use an uplifting note.
Hand-colored finished and plain diy cactus bookmarks with colored pencils on green background.
Print and color a bookmark as an indoor activity for adults and kids.
  1. Build a Lego masterpiece round-robin style, with each person taking a turn and adding on. See what you can create!
  2. Play “Fake Artist Goes to New York” a game that will have kids, teens, and adults all laughing.
  3. Make pom-poms from yarn, and build monsters or make a garland decoration.
  4. Use all the random mismatched socks to make sock puppets, then only let the puppet talk for an hour.
  5. Tell a family story with Story Cubes.
  6. Weave friendship bracelets with embroidery floss.
  7. Design your own perler bead pictures based on each person’s interests.
  8. Make paper beads from newspaper, scrapbook paper, or magazines.
Rainbow Bracelet made with paper beads strung on teal leather cord, sitting on white background.
Make upcycled paper bead jewelry.
  1. “Pass the Picture” drawing. Take turns adding something to your picture and see what you end up with.
  2. Play “Pictionary”
  3. Have a sculpture contest using wire, clay, or aluminum foil.
  4. Make a braided fleece dog toy for your pet or to donate to your local shelter.
  5. Watch season 1 of “Blown Away” glassblowing competition on Netflix.
  6. Complete a Diamond Dot Painting together.
  7. Make a rainbow-themed craft project.
  8. Play with your food! Make shaped pancakes for dinner.
  9. Try making a stop motion video with your smart phones.
  10. Build musical instruments with office supplies and play a song together.
  11. Make a Button Flower Bouquet to bring some color inside.

button flowers in yellow pots
  1. Design a marble run with household objects like paper plates and cardboard tubes.
  2. Play fashion designer and have a crazy fashion show. Most fabulous mixmatch wins!
  3. Make ooblek for some art and science fun

Download the Family Creative Indoor Activity Calendar

Use the link below to save the Family Creative Indoor Activity Calendar to your device, then print as many as you need for personal use. See full Terms of Use for printables.

Download Art Graphic by Carla Schauer

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  1. Adree | The Keele Deal says:

    I love all of these ideas! Next time we go out for a walk we need to find rocks so we can paint them. Also, I love the idea of paper airplane races, we are going to try that tonight. Thanks for the suggestions.