Instead of blogging…

Would you believe I was kidnapped by aliens?   No?   Didn’t think so.   Here’s a quick update with snippets of life over the last 2 weeks that disrupted my blog time.

Instead of blogging, I…unpacked vacation clothes, beach toys, and pool floaties, put them in their proper places, and swept up the pound of sand we brought home with us.

Instead of blogging, I…traveled to Caesars Creek State Park for a Father’s day picnic, some geocaching, and a race back home to beat the thunderstorm that was quickly approaching. Drove past Kings Island just in time to catch the end of the fireworks, and miss all the traffic. 🙂

Instead of blogging, I…started a Twitter account. You can follow my updates here, or use the link in the sidebar.

Instead of blogging, I…woke up last Saturday morning with a weird, numb feeling across 1/2 of my face. A quick doctor visit diagnosed shingles. Fantastic. Luckily, I didn’t wait to see the doctor until Monday. Darn lurking childhood viruses.

Instead of blogging, I…cleaned up the house and destroyed the scrapcave so the window guys could install the new windows I’ve been waiting 10 years for.

Instead of blogging, I…cleaned up the house to remove the brick chunks, window remnants, and overall dust cloud the window guys left behind. (ironically making the last effort virtually useless. Ugh.) Still no work on reinstating the cave, though.

Instead of blogging, I…put away 947 loads of laundry. (Yes, I know. My life is filled with excitement.)

Instead of blogging, I…Took every last plate, bowl, pan, spice jar, cheap plastic souvenir cup and expired baby food jar out of our kitchen cabinets. Placed all items except expired food in now empty laundry baskets. Strategically arranged baskets around house where they would be most likely to be stumbled over by grownups or raided by children.

Instead of blogging, I…Removed children from playing in empty kitchen cabinets and removed all upper cabinets and most lower cabinets from walls for future use in garage. Allowed sink cabinet to remain standing for now, since I refuse to be without running water in the kitchen any longer than necessary.

Instead of blogging, I…went to the neighbor’s Pampered Chef party and bought the cheese grater I’ve been coveting for years and some other nifty kitchen gadgets I couldn’t live without.   I’ll be julienning carrots with ease in no time!  I’ll just have to take my julienning gizmo out of the clothes basket first. 🙂

So there you have it.   While doing the home renovations, I’ve been feeling guilty about not blogging, and while I’m blogging, I’m feeling guilty for neglecting the home improvement projects.   Can’t win.   Look forward to a crafty project or two tomorrow!

Until next time…

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