Leprechaun traps, guitars, and guest blogging.

How’s that for a random blog title?

I spent a half-hour this morning drying a shoebox with a hairdryer.  Now you might think that phrase seems as odd as my post title, but really, it makes perfect sense when you find out Kid 1’s  musical instrument was due today.    Yesterday was rainy, so I tried to wait out the humidity to spray paint the mishmash of shoebox, rubber bands, and broken yardstick a lovely shade of “leftover from painting the shutters-blue”.    Alas, the rain never stopped, so this morning the guitar was coated with spray-gesso in the garage and dried with the hairdryer in the kitchen.    The crafter in me is shaking her head, but the mom in me gets the giggles thinking about the absurdity.  🙂

Kid 2 has a Leprechaun trap due in 2 weeks.    I’m wracking my brain to come up with a way to creatively ensnare a small mythological being.    And I’m wondering what the odds are that it won’t require a last-minute heat styling.

And as for the guest blogging, my post and project is up today at the Helmar Blog!    Here’s a sneak peak of the dimension created with their Liquid Scrap Dots.  Love that glue!     Check out the project and the instructions here.


Have a great weekend!

Until next time…

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  1. Yikes – a homemade instrument? I’m fretting about making a “make believe” bird with my third grader!