Make a DIY Button Garland for Christmas

When your style has changed, but you’ve had the same Christmas decor since you got your first apartment, you may be looking for some updates. But new decorations are expensive, darn it! To help integrate your new style,  Make a DIY button garland in your new color scheme to update your holiday decorations without breaking the bank.

Make a DIY Button Garland for Christmas. Blend modern and traditional decorations |tutorial from Carla Schauer Designs
Make a DIY Button Garland

Button garlands are perfect for mini-trees, mantels and shelves, or even to drape across a picture frame for an unexpected touch of festivity.  They can be classic or modern, depending on the colors used.  Try an all white garland to mimic the look of old-fashioned popcorn strings (without the mess!), conventional Christmas red and green, or icy blue and white for a look that will last all winter long.  I used a mix of modern pink, blue, and lime, along with some red and green to blend my newer modern tastes with my older traditional decorations.

To Make a DIY Button Garland:

Make a DIY Button Garland for Christmas. | Easy holiday craft from Carla Schauer Studio
Gather supplies to make button garland.
  1. Choose a mix of buttons in your favorite holiday/winter color scheme, along with a coordinating string.  Twine, embroidery floss, and wire all work well.  The only requirement is that it fits through the button holes. I used a sparkly white embroidery floss for a little extra shimmer.
  2. Use a quick-drying fabric or multi-purpose glue to create a flexible “needle” for easy threading through the button holes and prevent fraying of the string ends.  (This is my personal favorite way of threading lots of buttons. No bothersome threading of a needle, or searching for one with an eye small enough to fit through the holes.) Add glue to the end of the string and use your fingers to coat and stiffen the last 2 inches or so.

    Make a button garland for holiday decorating. | Tutorial from
    Make a “needle” to thread buttons.

  3. Tie a knot in the opposite end of the string.  There’s nothing worse than losing your work all over the floor in a scatter of buttons and foul language.
  4. Thread the “needle” down through one button hole, and back up through the opposite hole, then slide the button down to the end of string.   Note: for thicker strings it may be easier to push button to end before threading back up other hole.  Repeat until length of thread is filled.
    Optional: You can chose to tie thread in a half-knot or add a dab of glue behind each button to keep in place.  This may be helpful if using thinner string, but usually isn’t necessary for thicker options.
  5. Tie a knot in thread after final button, then trim away excess from both ends.  Drape wherever you’d like a merry holiday accent.

This button garland is modern! So cute on a metal tree. | How to make a button garland tutorial from
Thread buttons onto string.
I love that this garland is so cute and modern! DIY Christmas Decoration- a quick and easy colorful button garland . | Tutorial from
Tie knot to secure end.

Pin to make a DIY button garland later:

I love that this garland is so cute and modern! DIY Christmas Decoration- a quick and easy colorful button garland . | Tutorial from

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