Make an Easy Valentine Garland Decoration

Looking for a cute decoration using supplies you already have at home? Make an easy Valentine garland using printable bookmarks along with patterned paper and fabric strips.  Embellishments for this project are leftover letter stickers and shapes cut from the fabric.


DIY Valentine Garland using printable coloring bookmarks and fabric strips. What a cute use for coloring printables!
DIY Valentine Garland by Carla Schauer

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To make an Easy Valentine Garland, you will need:

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Make a Valentine garland decoration from coloring pages. Cute idea to use all those coloring pages!
Cut paper and/or fabric into strips for Valentine Garland


Download the Heart Bookmarks at the bottom of this tutorial post, if you haven’t gotten them already:  Free Printable Valentine Bookmarks.

No worries, go on, I’ll wait.

Once you’ve downloaded and printed the bookmarks, cut them out along with 1.5 x 5.75″ strips of your chosen fabrics and papers.  Punch a hole near the top corners of each strip.


Make a Valentine banner using fabric, paper, and crafting embellishments. Tutorial and free printables at
Gather embellishments for Valentine garland


Gather embellishments for your fabric and paper strips.  This a great opportunity to use leftover bits and pieces from other projects.  I cut hearts from my felt scraps, and used letter stickers from my craft stash.  Hint: Letter stickers on fabric may need an extra dot of glue to secure.

Finally, I could all those leftover X and V stickers! 


Use strips of fabric, printable coloring bookmarks, and patterned paper to make a Valentine Garland. Love this idea! Download the bookmarks at
Decorate garland strips


Once the strips are decorated, thread ribbon or twine through the top holes to create the garland.  Extra plain strips of your paper or fabric make an excellent filler to make the garland the length you need.  Leave an extra foot or so of ribbon on each end to tie the finished garland in place.


Make a Valentine Garland Decoration using free printable coloring bookmarks, and strips of fabric and paper. Adorable!
Valentine Garland Decoration | Carla Schauer Designs


This month’s Creative Challenge is LOVE.  What will you create and share?


Have a colorful, creative week!



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