Make Candles in Seashells: DIY Shell Decor

No beach vacation is complete without a walk on the sand to collect seashells, and finding a large complete shell is extra exciting. But what to do with your beach treasures once you return home? Make DIY Candles in Seashells to incorporate your vacation memories in your home without them being stuck in a jar.

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Seashell candles are an easy shell craft that can turn a simple beach memory into an elegant coastal decoration. Larger shells are best for this project, since they will hold enough wax to burn safely.

DIY Candles in seashells on wood table with starfish.

How to Make Seashell Candles

DIY seashell candles are a great way to use up small amounts of wax in jar candles, or use household paraffin wax blocks like I did here. You can use seashells from vacation or large purchased shells.

Tip: Make several wax crafts at the same time to use most of your wax while it’s already melted.

Front view of DIY candles with seashells.

Seashell Candle Making Tips:

  • When crafting with seashells, make sure your shells are completely washed and dried before beginning.
  • Prepare your surface and protect it from wax splatters that may happen when pouring. A sheet of waxed or parchment paper makes a good disposable barrier.
  • Trim wicks to approximately 2″ long for ease of standing in shells
  • Attach wick to deepest part of shell, while shell is laying flat on a level surface. A dot of melted wax on metal end of wick can help keep it in place while pouring.
  • A pour spout on a wax melting pitcher makes filling small containers like seashells easier. If already using a plain metal can for other projects, a small ladle with a spout can be helpful.
  • If making scented seashell candles, add essential oils to melted wax before pouring into shells.

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3 lit candles made from seashells with starfish in background.

Make Candles with Seashells

Yield: 1+
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: 1-easy
Estimated Cost: under $10

How to make beach decor candles with seashells and melted wax. An easy DIY seashell craft to make with large shells you find on vacation or at a craft store.


  • Saucepan, medium
  • bamboo skewer


      Supplies to make seashell candles on blue background

    1. Prepare while wax is melting. Cover work surfaces, attach wicks with drop of melting wax, and trim wicks to 2" length.

      Attaching candle wick to seashell for candlemaking
    2. Fill 1/3 to 1/2 saucepan with water and heat on low-medium. Chop paraffin block into chunks (optional) and add to metal can or wax melting pitcher.

      Can of paraffin wax blocks for melting.
    3. Gently lower can or melting pitcher into water bath. As paraffin wax begins to melt, reduce heat to low. Stir occasionally with bamboo skewer for even melting.

      Melting wax for DIY candles
    4. Gently pour melted wax from pitcher into seashell. *pour from low height, being careful of splashes*

      Pouring wax into seashell to make candle.
    5. Allow wax to cool and harden. Trim Wick to 1/4" above wax.

      Trimming candle wick with scissors.
    6. (Optional) As wax hardens, a "dip" in the wax surface may occur. If desired, a second thin layer of melted wax can be added to smooth the top of seashell candles.

      Handmade Seashell Candle on large monstera leaf.



Melted wax is hot! Melt and pour with caution, and always supervise children.

Never leave burning candles unattended. Seashell candle burn time can not be estimated because of shell size and wax volume used.

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3 shell candles and starfish.


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