Make Fabric Magnets Using Scraps

As a certified pattern junkie, I love fabric.  I’m always looking for projects to use up my scraps and extra pieces, since I can’t possibly toss any of them, and I swear they multiply when I’m not looking. A set of fabric magnets is a fun way to showcase those scraps, along with some other crafty bits and pieces and make something pretty and functional.

Fabric magnets made from craft stash by Carla Schauer.
Fabric magnets made from craft stash by Carla Schauer.

How to make fabric magnets:

  • Cut 2″ squares from foam core, and cover each square with 2 layers of craft felt, or a layer of batting, (gluing the layers to secure) to create the magnet base.
  • Cover magnet base with 3″ square of fabric.  Flip over, wrapping fabric edges around base as if wrapping a gift, and secure with glue on reverse side.
  • Glue flowers, string beads, hang charms, wrap with ribbon or twine, or use other embellishments as desired to decorate fronts of squares. This is another good use for single craft embellishments and ribbon tidbits that also get saved.
  • Glue 1/2″ magnet to back of each square to finish magnets.

I made 2″ magnets so I could showcase the larger patterns of this sari fabric, but they can be made smaller for those itty bitty fabric scraps too.  They’re great for using on the fridge, in your craft space to show some of your favorite patterns, or packaged up as a gift set.

Break out that fabric stash and put some of those pretty patterns to use!

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