Make Galaxy Painted Rocks for an Out of This World Craft

As a nerdy science geek, I’ve always been interested in space and love seeing the galaxy trend grow.  I knew I needed to play around with making galaxies in my crafting, and galaxy painted rocks seemed like the perfect idea.

Rock painted with a galaxy background and an imaginary silver crown constellation. White background.
Galaxy Painted Rock from Carla Schauer Studio

With a simple layered technique, you can make galaxy painted rocks to use as backgrounds or stand alone art.

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How to Make a Painted Galaxy Background

Painting a galaxy background is an easy process of paint layering in a combination of black, dark blue, and purple. There’s no wrong placement of the paint, just relax and sponge it in places until you’re happy.

You can always go back and add more black if you’d like your galaxy background a little darker. A super simple spattering technique gives the illusion of faraway stars.

The basic steps I used are below. I started with a black rock, but a black painted base coat works just as well.

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Rock painted with galaxy on white background.

Make a Painted Galaxy Rock Background

Yield: 1
Active Time: 10 minutes
Additional Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: 1
Estimated Cost: under $5

Make a galaxy painted rock background using layered paint techniques.



  • 1/2" paint brush (optional)
  • small sponge or paper towel


  1. Begin with a black rock, or paint rock black using 1/2" paint brush and let try. Use small bit of sponge or crumpled paper towel to lightly sponge purple paint over sections of rock. Leave some black patches exposed.Black rock with purple sponge painting, on white backgroun
  2. Repeat sponging process using blue paint, layering over some purple and black areas. Leave other purple and black areas exposed.Purple, blue, and black sponge painted rock on white background
  3. Use paint brush (or old toothbrush) lightly dipped in silver paint to apply "stars" to galaxy. Run fingertip through brush to lightly flick silver splatters over entire rock.Rock painted to look like a galaxy on white background.
  4. Use silver paint pen to add large stars and constellation lines as desired. *Yes, I made up my own constellation. I'm calling it "Queen of the Universe". 🙂Rock painted with galaxy on white background.

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What to Add to a Space Painted Rock Background

Once you’ve finished your space rock galaxy background, the sky is the limit! (Pun totally intended!)

Use the galaxy background as a base for a constellation like I did here, add a funky alien, spaceship, planet, or whatever your imagination desires.

Make galaxy painted rocks as part of a space science unit, at camp, or just a fun project at home on a rainy day. They’re intergalactic fun for everyone!

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Constellation crown design painted rock on white background with text description.

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