How to Make Easy, No-Crease Elastic Hair Ties

Easy to customize for any interest or color preference, no-crease elastic hair ties are a simple DIY gift for any age group.  The stretchy elastic makes them perfect for any hair length, with no annoying band indent if letting hair down again later. 

Softball-themed elastic no-crease hair ties,displayed on white cards.
Elastic hair ties make fantastic Softball team gifts (other sports too!).

Plus, making them yourself is much cheaper than purchasing premade.  In this tutorial, I make my No-Crease Hair Ties for a softball team gift bag.

What are Creaseless Elastic Hair Ties?

Who doesn’t need more hair ties? I swear they get up and walk away on their own. 

You may have seen fold-over elastic hair ties tempting you near the store checkout or accessorizing the wrists of teenagers and young girls. This soft, stretchy material comes in a bazillion patterns, solid colors, and even glittery versions.

The best thing about these soft elastic ties is they don’t leave a big indentation in your hair when you remove them. They also don’t tear long hair like a regular hair elastic or rubber band does. But there’s no need to pay more than a dollar each at the store when you can make them for a fraction of the cost!

This type of elastic band is much less bulky than a DIY hair scrunchie, and much more subtle accessory to wear. Creaseless hair tie packs make great handmade gifts, and can be customized for any hobby, outfit, or occasion. No sewing machine or fancy pattern needed.

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Elastic hair ties in 3 designs for DIY softball gifts.
Elastic hair ties in 3 designs for DIY softball gifts.

Supplies to Make No-Crease Hair Ties:

Making a set of creaseless hair ties is a straightforward, easy DIY that requires only 3 supplies:

  • 5/8″ fold-over elastic, (makes approx. 3 bands per yard) and
  • sharp scissors.
  • Lighter or other flame (for sealing elastic ends)

A ruler may also be helpful.

DIY Elastic Softball Hair Tie Tutorial
Cut elastic first to make no-crease hair ties in bulk.

Where to Find Fold-Over Elastic for Hair Ties

You can find fold-over elastic such as the softball elastic pictured in my tutorial, other sports, or virtually any interest or pattern online. Buy a mixed grab bag of elastic for even more variety on a budget.

Solid fold-over elastic can be found at most craft stores that also sell ribbon or fabric.

Display Softball Hair Ties on Cardstock for Gift Giving.
Give a set of softball hair ties in softball team goodie bags.

Ways to use Creaseless Hair Ties:

  • Add multiple designs to a 2.5×4″ card for gift giving or swaps (pictured above).
  • Give themed design as part of a birthday goodie bag.
  • Purchase customized elastic with business logo and use as giveaway.
  • Sell as a fundraiser, or at sports event.
  • Wear on wrist when not using in hair

Instructions for Elastic Hair Ties

I recommend cutting all your elastic first, then making knots, to streamline the process.

3 Softball themed elastic Hair Ties wrapped around white Cardstock

How to Make Elastic Hair Ties

Yield: 3+
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: 1-easy
Estimated Cost: under $5

No-crease elastic hair ties are a simple DIY project anyone can do. Make fold-over-elastic hair bands for an easy, inexpensive gift for any occasion.


  • 5/8" fold-over elastic, (makes approx. 3 bands per yard)


  • Sharp scissors.
  • Lighter or other flame (for sealing elastic ends)
  • Ruler (optional)


  1. Use scissors to cut elastic into approximate 9" lengths. This will be about the right size for an adult or teen. Length is really a personal preference, so making a test hair tie is a good idea before cutting all the elastic. Keep the long edge folded, there's no need to open the elastic.
  2. Fold elastic in half, matching short ends together. To tie elastic, make a simple knot. Wrap ends around a single pointer finger, pass ends through loop, and slide knot off of finger. Pull knot tight, keeping approximately 1/2″ from ends.
  3. Trim ends at an angle.
  4. To prevent frayed ends, run tips of each elastic end through tip of flame just enough to melt threads together. This gives a nice finished edge to the no-crease hair tie as well.

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