How to Make a Softball Keychain from Paracord

Paracord Softball Keychains are the kind of DIY project that anyone can create.  Kids can make them for parents, parents can make them for kids.

These keychains are the perfect project for a team party, or a little good luck tournament gift. The technique is easy to master, and each piece only takes a few minutes to knot.

Paracord Softball Keychain gift attaches easily to keys.
Make a Paracord Softball Keychain.

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Finished paracord keychain softball gift
Finished paracord keychain softball gift for players, parents, or coaches.

How to make Paracord Softball Keychains:

I made these softball keychains using the same cobra knot technique in the paracord zipper pulls, using these modifications:

  1. Use 4ft of 550 fastpitch paracord for each keychain
  2. Begin knotting 5in from the closed loop end
  3. Continue knotting until 5 knots on each side before cutting and sealing ends.
Set of softball keychains made from paracord.
Set of fastpitch softball keychains made from paracord.

More DIY Softball Team Gift Ideas

Make fastpitch paracord keychains for the whole team, cutting, knotting, and finishing in batches.

They’re great for parent gifts, softball gifts for players who drive, and to add in softball goodie bags for team exchanges.  Younger players can add them to gear bags.

DIY Softball Keychains made from Paracord for Softball Gifts.
DIY softball keychains make perfect softball goodie bag gifts.

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