Learn Mandala Rock Painting with My New Book!

Mandala rock painting satisfies our inner artist’s need to create as well as connect to nature. It’s a soothing process that is almost hypnotic in its repetition. After a LOT of hard work behind the scenes for the past several months, I’m so excited to finally announce that I have a new book! Mandala Rock Painting Made Simple takes you through the whole mandala rock painting process, from picking the right stone to choosing your paints.

Painted Mandala Rocks on a bright green book cover with text reading "Mandala Rock Painting Made Simple, by Carla Schauer"
Learn to paint mandalas on stones with this new book by Carla Schauer

Whether you’ve painted mandalas before or you’re starting from the very beginning, I’ve got you covered. We’ll cover all the basics, including tools and techniques. Then once you’re comfortable, mix it up for a design that’s all your own.

In this book, you’ll learn to:

  • Sharpen your skills—Find step-by-step instructions to help you choose your hues and execute every swirl, swish, and circle.
  • Create delightful designs—Dive into 25 easy tutorials, featuring motifs and palettes inspired by the natural world.
  • Finish with a flourish—Get tips for protecting your artwork from wear and weather, plus inspiration for how to use them as gifts, decor, and more.

Check out my unboxing video to see me open my very first print copy.

“I’ve been painting rocks for years, but hadn’t tried mandalas. Carla’s tutorials make something that looks so complicated into a simple and doable project. The designs are beautiful and her instructions make this beautiful artwork possible for everyone!”

Amanda Formaro, Author and Founder of CraftsbyAmanda.com

My favorite part of writing this book was using nature to inspire every pattern. Finding inspiration in the world around me required me to really pay attention to my surroundings, which was a great way to be mindful on a daily basis. Translating that inspiration for Mandala Rock Painting Made Simple was a joy. I know you’re going to love it.

Learn Mandala Painting Step-by-Step

My new book is now available wherever books are sold, and you can order on Amazon for easy arrival on your doorstep! Until then, get in your painted stone groove with my other rock painting ideas.

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