Modern Hexagon Succulent Planter DIY

Hexagons are everywhere in home decor right now, and gold is the metallic of the moment. Toss in a succulent, and you have the trifecta of trendy home accents.  I made this modern hexagon succulent planter in two parts to work together, that can be separated later and used individually as trends change.

Make a modern hexagon succulent planter using this tutorial from Carla Schauer Designs
Hexagon Planter Tutorial by Carla Schauer Designs

Decorating confession:  I have a hard time finding furniture I like. A very hard time. (I’ve been looking for a family room rug for 6 years!)

Because I have such trouble finding exactly what I want, I like to use classic furniture pieces I can keep for many years and accent with smaller decor items I can swap out easily with changing trends.  This hexagon planter is one of those accessories that quickly and easily updates a room with modern style.

Supplies for modern hexagon succulent planter.  Complete DIY tutorial on
Modern Hexagon Planter Supplies

I found my wood hexagon at a big craft store. At $7 on sale, for me it was totally worth buying instead of making. If you’d rather make one yourself, it’s fairly straightforward. Take 6 identical pieces of wood, cut ends at 60 degree angles inward toward each other, and nail or glue together.  You’ll also need a small glass jar that fits inside your finished hexagon, painters’ tape, and spray paint (satin finish gold, and gloss white).

Make a DIY modern succulent planter with gold accent.  Tutorial from Carla Schauer Designs at
Painted Wood Hexagon Planter|Carla Schauer Designs

First, paint your wood hexagon using white gloss spray paint.  Apply several light coats, drying between, according to package directions.  Depending on the smoothness of the wood, light sanding between coats may be helpful. I wanted a very smooth glossy look, so I used 4 good coats of white.

Make a gold-accented modern succulent planter.  Tutorial from Carla Schauer Designs at
Paint gold-accented Jar vase.

For the vase, wrap painters’ tape around top of glass jar, leaving bottom 1/3 exposed.  Use fingernail to make sure edge of tape is sealed to jar to get a sharp paint line.  Spray jar (and in my case, thumb) with gold paint.

DIY Modern Hexagon Succulent Planter.  Make at home using this easy tutorial. |Carla Schauer Designs
DIY Modern Hexagon Planter|Carla Schauer Designs

After all paint is dry, remove painters’ tape from jar. Add a succulent or other small plant to gold-accented jar, and place inside hexagon for a new, trendy, home accent.

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