Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Scavenger Hunts are an ideal way to get kids looking closer at their surroundings. If you’re looking for a nature scavenger hunt for kids in your life, I’ve made a printable you can download.

Printed Nature Scavenger Hunt Paper next to nature items, lying on orange paper and picnic table.
Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids

I’ve also listed some ideas for how to make your own, or you can try one (or more!) of the printable outdoor scavenger hunts listed later in this post. They’re an excellent boredom-buster for all ages.

Ideas for Making a Nature Scavenger Hunt

If you’re new to making an outdoor scavenger hunt list for kids, there are a few things you should consider. Frustration and danger isn’t fun for anyone.

  1. What plants or animals can be seen in the current season/location?
  2. Are there possible dangers nearby (treacherous land, wild animals, poison ivy, etc.)?
  3. Is your list age appropriate?
  4. If hunting in teams rather than a simple nature walk, what are the rules?

Busy? No problem!

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List of nature items next to pine cone, rock, and leaf, with orange paper background. Text overlay on white reads "Nature Hunt for Kids"

Once you’ve covered those basics, you can choose your list items. Make your own nature hunt by choosing a few options from each category, or make a whole list from one.

  • Things to see. These are the typical “I Spy” items to find during a scavenger hunt. Bugs, leaves, seeds, and animals all make great options, and you can add more details (spotted bug, pointed leaf) for older kids. Be sure to have them look up, down, and under.
  • Seasonal items. Add pumpkins and hay bales for fall, or icy branches and snowman for winter.
  • Sensory ideas. Things to see, touch, smell, or hear (Skip the tasting!). Look for fuzzy moss, hear running water, or smell a flower.
  • Tasks to complete. Jump over a puddle, climb a tree, catch a bug, or stand on a rock.
  • Alphabet. Find nature items that start with a letter or look like a letter.
  • Colors. Something of every color of the rainbow or several  items of only one color.
  • Nighttime. Great for a multi-day scavenger hunt, or a full list of its own. Grab a flashlight or a headlamp and find some fun in the dark!

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Free Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable

The best thing about printable lists is you only need a few minutes, a pen or pencil, and maybe a clipboard as a writing surface and you’re ready to play.

I designed this nature scavenger hunt printable list as a companion to my nature scavenger hunt for teens and tweens so the whole family can play together.

It makes an easy, entertaining activity while camping or hiking, or an afternoon walk around the neighborhood.  Use the orange button below to download my nature scavenger hunt for kids, then print as many as you need. (Personal use only.)

Nature Scavenger Hunt list with green border, stacked on cork and dotted paper layers, lying on picnic table.
Print Nature Scavenger Hunts for hiking or camping trips.
Download Art by Carla Schauer

Nature Scavenger Hunt 3-7 5.75 MB 16712 downloads


More Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

I’ve linked a variety of printable outdoor scavenger hunts here for you visit and download for your next nature adventure. 

Use for travel, neighborhood walks, camping, backyard, and more.

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  1. I love your kids’ activity sheets. I print and send them to my great-grandkids all the time. My grandkids appreciate the little time outs they get from the activities. 🙂 Thank you!