New Year, New Site, New Direction

Art isn’t always about paint and glue.

Sometimes it’s about learning new skills, about spending 14 hour days staring at a computer screen trying to decipher code, and about frantic last-minute booth preparations.  And sometimes it feels like standing in the doorway of an airplane ready to jump, and hoping that whoever packed your parachute knew what they were doing.  (Or at least imagining how that would feel, since no one will ever convince me to jump from a perfectly good airplane!)

While what I have been doing the past few months has been frustrating and tedious at times, and probably not really thrilling to read about (hence the lack of recent posting), the whole process is incredibly exciting.  My new website went live today, and my new surface collections available for licensing will debut at CHA next week in Anaheim.   Come visit License & Design booth #5043 to see them in person!  It has been wonderful to watch everything come together.

And because sometimes it is about paper and glue, I used both on this one:

Hope 2011 has been, and continues to be wonderful for everyone!

Until next time…

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  1. Jen Goode says:

    I say HOOORAY! Congrats on all your great new progress and discovery!