Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens and Teens

Filling  up an Easter basket is crazy fun. Choosing each person’s favorite candy is the easy part.  Easter is the second largest candy-buying holiday, and there are plenty of choices to suit everyone’s tastes. But overfilling a basket with candy means you’ll still have some left until Halloween (the largest candy holiday!).  Try these Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens and Teens to fill out the basket with other things.

Easter basket ideas for tweens and teens-photo collage with descriptive text.

Easter basket fillers for tweens and teens take a little more thought than those for younger kids. They’re just not impressed with themed, plastic, “disposable” toys. So for this sometimes hard-to-please age group, finding that sweet spot of useful, entertaining, and reasonably-priced is the challenge.

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How to Personalize Gifts for Easter

Adding an Easter or spring packaging to year-round-usable gifts is an easy way to theme your basket for the holiday. I added a bunny shaped display card to these DIY hair scrunchies.  I hand-cut the ear shapes into a 3″ wide strip of white mat board, and added the pink centers with marker.

Poof! Instant Easter basket filler that will actually get used!

Bunny-shaped card with 5 colorful handmade scrunchies.

Adding Easter-themed printable decorations to homemade bath and body products, or using acrylic paint pens to paint spring designs on packaging are also easy ways to personalize your basket fillers.

Non-Candy Easter Basket Stuffers

I’ve compiled a list of non-candy Easter basket ideas for teens and tweens so Mr. E. Bunny can surprise them with a super stash on the holiday morning. The list includes DIY and buy ideas, so you have the most Easter basket filler options.

DIY Easter Basket Gifts to Make

Gifts they'll love, made by you.

Easter Basket Stuffers to Buy

Fill out the rest of your teen's basket with these purchased games, activities, and more.

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