Painted Floral Spring Birdhouse

 Paint a wooden birdhouse and add flower buttons for a bright spring “garden” decoration.  I love unfinished wood pieces, because I can make them into anything I’d like with a little acrylic paint and a few embellishments.  I’ll tell you how I made my birdhouse and gave it that weathered look.

Spring floral painted birdhouse with buttons from Carla Schauer Designs

I started with a plain wood post-style birdhouse purchased from a craft store.  I always like to sand these because they can be a bit rough to start.

Unpainted Spring Birdhouse from Carla Schauer DesignsApplying acrylic paint to birdhouse-Carla Schauer Designs

Then I picked up my Decoart Americana Acrylics (see my acrylic paint storage here) and some small brushes and got to work painting the sections of the birdhouse.  Also, I went back and resanded the piece after this photo was taken with a smaller grit sandpaper, since I wasn’t happy with the roughness that remained.

Acrylic painted spring birdhouse from Carla Schauer Designs

Once I had all the sections painted, I added a chevron line across the bottom of each side of the roof to add another layer of detail.   I then went over the entire house with a dry fan brush and some Whitewash acrylic paint to bring all the colors together and add a bit of a weathered look.  birdhouse-side_webOnce the base painting was finished, it was time to add my button flower garden!  A tiny detail brush and green paint were used to create the flower stems on both sides of the birdhouse.  Then, I went back to the same birdhouse colors to paint in the flowers themselves, making three of the flowers large enough to accommodate the button centers.  Once I glued on the micro buttons and the flower buttons my birdhouse was complete.



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  1. Laura Kelly says:

    I love it. If fairies live in it, they are safe from worms and ground critters that don’t fly or climb. AWESOME!

  2. Love your birdhouse creation! The colors are lovely and that pedestal is fabulous!

  3. Vicky Schmidt says:

    This is so cute. Love the button flowers on the side.