Make These Fabulous Rainbow Painted Rocks for Pride

If you’re looking for an easy pride craft, painted rocks made with temporary tattoos can be made in under 10 minutes.

White and natural rainbow LGBTQ+ Pride craft painted rocks using temporary tattoos on cement background.

I made this lgbtq+ craft using my Pride Temporary Tattoos.  I had some leftover tattoos and making crafts seemed like the perfect way to use them.

Once they’re applied and sealed, they make perfect Pride paperweights or little pieces of rainbow art to leave around the neighborhood.

White, natural, and green Pride rainbow painted rocks on cement background.

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Temporary tattoos work really well for decorated rocks since they’re thin and easily stick to all the contours. Use them on regular plain (washed and dried) smooth rocks, or stones that have been base coated with acrylic paint for an extra bright pop of color.

How to Make Pride Painted Rocks

Decorating these rocks with temporary tattoos is super simple. The images slide off the paper easily. No painting skills are needed to make the designs look great.

You will need:

Supplies to make Pride Painted Rocks. White paint, white rock, paintbrush, and rainbow heart temporary tattoo, sitting on cement surface.

Adding a temporary tattoo to a painted or plain rock uses the same method as for applying on skin. Peel the protective plastic from the tattoo, place face down on rock, and apply a damp cloth on the paper until it slides off easily.

You may need to smooth the edges just a bit with a slightly wet fingertip if your tattoo moved before completely releasing from the paper.

Hand with glittery purple nail polish peeling paper from Love greater than Hate temporary tattoo on white painted rock.

To make your Pride tattoo painted rock last long-term, you’ll need to apply a sealer after your decorated rock is dry. This will keep your tattoo from peeling off.

2-3 light coats of spray sealer works really well for this, though you can use a brush-on sealer as well. Whether you use a glossy or matte finish is your preference, it doesn’t matter for the Pride craft at all.

Acrylic sealer being sprayed on pride-themed decorated rocks.

Let the acrylic sealer dry completely and your Pride Painted Rocks are ready to use!

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Collage of Pride painted rock photos with descriptive text on purple stripes at top and bottom. Text reads: PRIDE painted rocks using temporary tattoos." and "tattoo printables from Carla Schauer Studio"

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