Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards (for Kids and Adults!)

Printable Christmas Bingo Cards make playing a game of Christmas bingo easy! It’s the perfect game for family gatherings and holiday parties!

Printed Christmas bingo card lying at an angle on a white wood background next to a bowl of marshmallows. The card has colorful christmas pictures and a green border, with text at the top that reads "Christmas Bingo"

We play “Reindeer Games” at every family holiday party. It can be difficult to find options that all age groups can play together, but Christmas Bingo is the perfect game that works for everyone from young kids to grandparents. And there’s minimal thinking required, which we love for casual afternoons.

You’ll only need a few supplies to set up the free printable bingo game, and some prizes if you’d like them for the winners. Keep reading for all my favorite tips and prize suggestions.

Stack of 3 Christmas bingo cards with a 5x5 grid of festive Christmas icons and a green border. Bingo cards are lying on a red background, next to red, white, and green decorations and a red and white striped pen.

Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards

These adorable Christmas bingo cards are filled with holiday images like Christmas trees, gingerbread cookies, and reindeer, to add to the festive atmosphere of your party. So much more fun than boring number cards!

The calling card sheet has pictures and labels for all 30 holiday icons, so even pre-readers can play along.

There are 6 unique cards in the free download. Perfect for family gatherings during the holiday season or small groups needing a fun winter activity. 

Larger sets of up to 50 different Christmas bingo boards are available in my online store for class parties and other large groups.

Setting Up for Christmas Bingo

Before the big day, you’ll need to prepare your Christmas Bingo Game. It won’t take long, but it’s easier to just take out the game when you’re ready to play.

Print the free Christmas bingo sheets and calling card page. The sheets are designed 2 per US letter size page to save paper and printing costs.

Mid-weight white cardstock is my favorite for bingo printables, since it’s more durable than standard printer paper. Printer paper will also work, but expect them to last only one day of use.

You can download the free printable file near the bottom of this post.

Cut apart the bingo game boards and calling cards. I use a paper cutter for speed and straight edges, but scissors will work too.

You’ll also need something to use as bingo markers. Use inexpensive, small items like candies (Christmas m&ms or festive kisses,) buttons, or punched paper shapes.

Free printable Christmas bingo game, printed and lying on a white wood background with christmas tree ornaments and branches. The pages have a grid of Christmas icons and a green border, 2 cards per page, stacked with a calling card page with the same icons.

*tip: laminating the bingo sheets using either a laminating machine or self-laminating envelopes will allow reusing the cards through the whole fall season, even year after year.

You can use dry erase markers on laminated bingo sheets, though I still find the bingo cards don’t last as nicely with all the erasing.

Adding extra festivity

I always love going all-in on the holiday spirit. The extra level of cheesy theming adds so much fun to the party! So turn on some Christmas music and plop on your Santa hat as you call out the cute Christmas icons.

How to Play Christmas Bingo

Most people have played a game of traditional bingo before.  But reviewing the rules is always a good idea, to avoid confusion and prevent any quarreling.

To play Christmas Bingo: 

  1. Pass out different bingo cards to each player or team. Place the calling cards in a bowl and mix them well.
  2. Give each player at least 25 bingo markers (more if using candy, since some will “mysteriously vanish” during the game.)
  3. Make sure each player places a marker on the center free space.
  4. As the bingo caller pulls a calling card from the bowl, players add a marker to the matching picture space.
  5. The first player to match 5 in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) shouts “BINGO!”, wins the game, and probably does a quick happy dance.

All players then clear the game pieces from their boards to play again.

Alternative Bingo Winning Plays

Changing up the winning move from a single straight line is a great way to make this fun Christmas game shorter or longer. Try these options:

  • Four Corners– cover all 4 of the board corners
  • X-OUT – match both diagonals through the center square
  • Cris-Cross – match vertical and horizontal through the center square
  • Make a Letter – try marking a T, L, O, or I to win

Christmas Bingo Prizes 

Prizes can be as simple as candy canes or other Christmas candy, or something larger, depending on the type of event. Here are some of my favorite prize options for Christmas party games:

For classrooms, anything that would work in a regular prize box will work for a game of Christmas bingo. Try:

6 printed Christmas bingo cards with green borders and 1 printed calling card sheet with festive Christmas themed icons. Pages are lying on a red background.

Download the Free Printable Christmas Bingo Card Set

Download the free Christmas bingo pdf file to your device using the orange button below, then print as many as you need for personal use. See full Terms of Use for printables.

"Download" written in teal text, with a swirly arrow pointing below.

Not ready to join and share your email yet? No problem. You can purchase the 6 card file below.

More Printable Holiday Fun

Get a head start on future holiday planning with these other printable holiday bingo games.

For more printable Christmas fun, check out these Christmas Bookmarks to Color and Snarky Christmas Gift Tags.

Have a fantastic time playing with your friends and family!

FAQs about Christmas Bingo

Like most themed bingo cards, this set uses fewer images than necessary for blackout bingo. Even though all the cards are unique, it is likely that multiple people would call blackout bingo at the same time.

No printer? No problem! Your local print shop is a great option for reasonably inexpensive printing. A medium-weight cardstock is strong enough for multiple uses and thin enough to laminate.

Absolutely, It’s a great activity for a classroom Holiday party! Use as one of several small group activities, or grab a Classroom pack of 30 different bingo game cards. Libraries, scout troops, and other non-profit groups are fine too.

Commercial use is not permitted.

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Stack of 3 Christmas bingo cards with a 5x5 grid of festive Christmas icons and a green border. Bingo cards are lying on a red background, next to red, white, and green decorations and a red and white striped pen. Below the picture is a green rectangle with white text that reads "Christmas Bingo Game, visit to download."

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