Printable Holiday Gift Wrap Set

You have gifts to wrap.  Small gifts, oddly shaped gifts, gifts that need tags. I’ve got you covered. I made you a printable holiday gift wrap set you can use for those small and awkward, but incredibly thoughtful doodads.  And you don’t need to haul out those big rolls of paper from the back of the basement. Print. Fold, Done. (Then go grab yourself a festive beverage!)

gifts wrapped with printable gift wrap on wood table with text overlay for pinterest.
Free Printable Holiday Gift Wrap Set | Carla Schauer Studio

What’s in the Printable Holiday Gift Wrap Set?

I’ve included a 4×6″ pillow box printed with festive peppermint candies for those gifts that aren’t that easy to wrap.  Or if your traditional wrapping skills look more like a kindergartner had a go at it wearing mittens. Either way, pillow boxes are much easier. Print and cut out the file, score and fold on the dotted lines, and use double-sided tape or glue to attach the sides together.  Then tie a ribbon, attach a sticky bow, or whatever suits your fancy.

 Printable Christmas Pillow Box from
Printable Christmas Pillow Box for small gifts.

The printable gift wrap sheet features my favorite holiday tradition…laughter.  Slightly snarky and lots of fun, the sheet can be printed on standard 8.5×11 size paper, or on 8.5×14 (ledger) or 11×17 (legal) size for slightly larger packages. You can use it all season long, thanks to it’s red and blue color scheme and winter icons. Finally, top your fabulously wrapped gift with one of the 8 gift tags (4 designs) that coordinate with the kit.

Hilarious! This would be so cute for little gifts! Free Printable Snarky Wrapping Paper. | From Carla Schauer Studio at
Merry Everything Snarky Wrapping Paper

Download Art by Carla Schauer


Peppermint Tags & Box 11.27 MB 303 downloads


Holiday Gift Wrap Sheet 3.14 MB 400 downloads


Holiday Gift Wrap Sheet-11x17 14.49 MB 150 downloads


Here are some tips for printing your gift wrap:

  • Printables can be printed at home or at your local copy/print center.
  • I recommend printing tags and boxes on a heavy, smooth white card stock (lighter weight paper for gift wrap sheets). However,
    printing on specialty paper or fabric can give some interesting results as well.
  • Gift wrap set is sized for 8.5 x 11” paper, except for 11 x 17″ wrapping sheet.  Adjust % size setting in your print settings to print a smaller size.
    Printing the wrapping set larger is not recommended and will result in a lower quality print.
  • To make 8.5 x 14″ (legal) sized sheet, print 11 x 17 using “fit to paper size” in your printer settings.
  • Printed colors can vary depending on monitor settings, printer, & type of paper used.
  • Use a paper trimmer (available at craft or office supply stores) or scissors to cut printable
    wrap and tags from sheet.

I hope you enjoy these downloads I’ve created for you.  Happy Holidays and Merry Everything!


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