Printable Reading Logs for Kids and Adults

Keep a record of books, pages, or minutes read with these printable reading logs you can color. The book theme suits both kids and adults, and can be used for all year round. The size makes it easy to use as a reading log bookmark or you can tuck it inside your book’s cover so it never gets lost.

Printable readiing log propped against stack of books.
These printable reading logs are perfect for back-to-school or for reading all year long!

Set your reading logs aside together in one spot for a year-long record of the books you’ve read, and you’ll never forget the name of that great book again.  Need a bookmark? Find all my printable coloring bookmarks here.

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Printable reading log with minutes read, sitting on book.

Uses for Printable Reading Logs:

List-style reading logs are super-flexible, since you can add whatever you like to the “Reading For” space. Use them:

  • As a reading list of books and authors for each month of the year.
  • To keep track of minutes read for a specific school assignment
  • To take notes on portions of a single book
  • For book club handouts for the year’s selections
  • As a weekly reading log for kids books
  • Write questions to ask or look up later

Printable book logs on wood background near stack of books.

Download the Reading Log pdf

Use the orange button below to download the reading log printable pdf file to your device, then print as many as you need. (Personal use only, see printable terms of use for full details.)  Cut apart using a paper cutter or scissors.

Download Art Graphic by Carla Schauer

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Printable reading log propped against stack of books.

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