Printable Thanksgiving Leftover Labels

Mashed potatoes, grandma’s stuffing, pie…getting your favorite Thanksgiving leftovers is often a race to see who gets to the refrigerator first. Instead of full-contact fridge jostling, use these Printable Thanksgiving Leftover Labels to snag your portion before the crowd.

It can’t be just our family that has prized leftovers, right?

Printable Thanksgiving Leftovers Label attached to food container.

Sending home extras with a crowd after Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving Dinner? Attach printable labels for leftovers to the food containers to make sure they’re easily identified on the way out the door.

Multiple hand turkey leftover labels scattered on wood table.

I added a space for your name, what food is in the container, and a cute little hand turkey to get your point across in an adorable way. After all, who doesn’t love a hand turkey?

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Download the Printable Thanksgiving Leftover Labels

Use the button below to save the pdf file to your device. Then print as many as you need for your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving feast leftovers (personal use only.) Cut apart in advance for easier use after dinner.

Download Art by Carla Schauer

Enjoy your leftovers without family drama!

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