Punched Heart Valentine Banner from Paper Scraps

I recently punched over 1500 paper hearts to help my daughter’s girl scout troop decorate Valentine cards for local Meals on Wheels recipients.  (They made 730 cards.  Woo hoo girls!)  We had a couple handfuls left over, so I whipped up a quick Valentine banner from the remaining punched paper hearts to add a little brightness to our long Ohio winter.

Punched heart valentine banner from scraps.  From Carla Schauer Designs.

I started with my punched paper hearts.  I used a mishmash of paper to punch my hearts.  Anything goes for this type of project, since it all looks pretty good together in small pieces.  It’s a great way to use up older paper and smaller scraps too.  This photo (which I also shared on Instagram) is around half of the original 1500 hearts.

Punched hearts turned to Valentine Banner

I used red yarn (also left over from a kid project last week) and a cute dotted washi tape I had on my work table to connect the hearts together.  Use whatever you have available–bakers’ twine, yarn, embroidery floss, etc. to create a string of punched paper hearts as long as you wish.

Punched heart banner attached with washi tape.  From Carla Schauer Designs.

Attached your punched heart Valentine banner in place using tape, mounting putty, thumbtacks, or whatever works with your desired surface, to chase some of this endless winter away!

Valentine Heart Banner from Punched Paper Scraps.  By Carla Schauer Designs.

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